You guys, it’s almost time to kiss an Irish person, wear green, drink green beer from a boot or just get lucky ;) With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, we want to help you prepare to go full on this March 17. If you’re hosting a party and want to provide an elixir other than an emerald-tinted Coors, look no further. We’re making tequila cocktails with a kick + glittery stir sticks that add a little flair.



– sticky-back glitter foam sheet

– wooden stir sticks


– scissors

– pen

– knife

– cutting board

– Mason jar with lid

– measuring cup


– tequila

– jalapeño

– cucumber

– bunch of mint

– lime

– ginger beer


Stir Sticks


In honor of St. Patrick’s Day and our love for gold glitter, we’re making gold shamrock stir sticks.


First, draw a shamrock on the back of your sticky-back glitter foam sheet. Cut it out and then trace it onto another section of the foam sheet. Cut your second shamrock.


Peel off the backs and then stick them to your stir stick, making sure to line them up.


How easy was that?!

Spicy Leprechaun (aka Leprechaun Tears) (yes, we made that up.)


We’re putting jalapeño and cucumber-infused tequila in this zingy cocktail. It’s the perfect combo of sweet, sour and spicy.


Cut one jalapeño and six or seven slices of cucumber, and add them to your Mason jar.


Pour one cup of tequila in the jar and secure the lid. Let the mixture infuse overnight so it gets nice and spicy (yet strangely spa-like!) from the cucumber.


Now for the cocktail. Cut your lime in half and chop up a few mint leaves.


Fill a cup with ice and add one shot of your newly infused tequila. Add a few leaves of mint and squeeze half of the lime into your cocktail. We also cut a slice of lime to garnish the edge of our glass. Keepin’ it classy :) Fill the rest of the cup with ginger beer. Give it a swirl with your swizzle stick and then take a gulp.




Your guests will love this fresh, zippy libation. And especially their adorable stirring device. Who needs green beer when you can drink a cocktail filled with green goodies?

What St. Patrick’s Day cocktails do you like to make? Share your recipe in the comments and we’ll try them out!