Cocktail? Check. Good book? Check. Incredibly comfy flowy summer dress? Absolutely. Guess who’s going on a vacay? YOU, hopefully! Or, following the cool and budget-friendly trend of STAYcations, you’ve managed to channel all those glorious vacay vibes wherever you already are! To help you really next level this whole experience, we’re showing you how to use our Faux Leather Stamping Kit (get ‘em at Target!) to make these adorbs stamped, painted, and tasseled luggage tags and coasters to get the show on the road OR just take some time to unwind!

To make your own and get these vacation feels started, get yourself a Faux Leather Stamping Kit from Target and let’s goooo!

Kit Materials:

  • 4 faux leather coasters
  • 2 faux leather luggage tags
  • leather alphabet stamps
  • wooden mallet
  • 1 yard black suede cord
  • 1 yard white suede cord
  • instructions

Additional Materials:

  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue sticks
  • oil-based paint pens
  • scissors

Pretty doable craft materials, I’d say! Grab some of those oil-based paint pens in your fave colors. (And we highly recommend throwing a metallic into the mix!)


These babies just use a little extra paint and the leftover suede cord (included in the kit!) to create teeny tasseled tags in a few extra steps.

First, you’ll wanna use that suede wisely by cutting off a 10-inch piece and a 4-inch piece. Leave the rest for the bulk of the tassel.

Wrap the longer remaining piece of suede around the ends of two fingers and around the middle of the 10-inch piece (which will become the string that you use to attach the tag to your luggage). Next, slip the wrapped suede off of your fingers and tie a knot around it with the 10-inch piece. To turn this hot mess of cord into a tassel, tightly wrap your 4-inch piece of suede around your bundle of suede loops, securing with a dot of hot glue both at the start and end of wrapping your 4-inch cord. Lastly, cut open the looped ends with a pair of sharp scissors and trim until even.

Repeat for your white cord next. When you’re done your tassels should look something like this!

Now that those tassels are out of the way, follow the directions included in the kit to add your own custom stamped phrase, and then bust out the paint pens in the design of your choice and let dry for about an hour before use. No drawing skills needed, you can always just bust out the abstract shapes and dots like we did for this one!


By now you should get the gist! Take out those stamps, add your chosen phrase, and then embellish with some paint pens designs. We kept the travel theme going strong but the beauty of this project is that you can do absolutely whatever you’d like!

Grab a cool drink and celebrate your DIY success!

Ready to pack your bags? SO. ARE. WE.

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Production + Styling: Lee Schellenberger

Photography: Kurt Andre