Jedi-lovers and Wookiee wannabes, unite! #StarWarsDay has arrived once again and it’s time to head back to that far, far away galaxy. Whether you are a sucker for Han Solo + Leia or you can’t get enough of the Daisy Ridley (AKA Rey) saga, this holiday is the perfect time for you give into your inner sci-fi nerd with some Star Wars-inspired party ideas! Queue up your fave films of the series, grab the kiddos and get ready to geek out with these out-of-this-world DIYs. For even *more* inspo, check out Pinterest’s top Star Wars party picks. May the 4th (heh, force!) be with you.


1. Princess Leia Cupcakes: Embrace your sweet tooth with cupcakes based on your favorite leading lady of the Rebellion. Just try not to steal a few “buns” before serving. (via Paintbrushes and Popsicles)


2. DIY Light Saber Party Favors: Keep the party going long after it’s over with these glowing light sabers that your kids and guests will love. (via A Night Owl Blog)


3. Stormtrooper Marshmallows Pops: These seriously sweet and easy-to-make treats are almost too cute to eat. But since they’re stormtroopers it’s okay. (via Catch My Party)


4. DIY Death Star Party Decor: Join the dark side to make these awesome Death Star lanterns that will give your party some serious space vibes. All you need is a can of silver spray paint to make it happen. (vis Birthday Express)


5. Yoda Soda: Love this drink, you will! Channel your love for the Jedi master with this satisfying sip. Spike it for some boozy Jedi adventures. (via Catch My Party)


6. Wookiee Cookies: Chewbacca lovers, this one’s for you! You won’t be able to resist biting into these chewy (get it?) cookies inspired by your favorite character. (via Sugared Nerd)


7. Star Wars LEGO Cake: Bust out your master baker skills to create an out-of-this-world cake. Mini Darth Vader required. (via Cakes Decor)


8. ‘Save Han Solo’ Ice Cubes: Show off your Star Wars expertise by making these iconic and creative ice cubes. (via Fun A Day)


9. Star Wars Pancakes: Start off your day feeling The Force with these deliciously creative pancakes that will give you the energy to face anything, even those Darth Vader-like work to-dos! (via Hi Consumption)


10. BB-8 Lantern: Use paper lanterns for a greater good by transforming them into this adorable BB-8 lantern. With some mad scissor skills and colored duct tape, you’ll have a quirky, next-generation droid in no time. (via Desert Chica)


11. Stormtrooper Hot Cocoa: Curl up on your comfiest chair with a cup of this yummy white-chocolate hot cocoa and watch your favorite movie from the saga. (via Saving Dollar and Sense)

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