Starbucks is ready to jump into fall like a puppy playing in a pile of leaves by offering us a super tasty fall menu, but they also seem to know that, on those certain weekend mornings, we’d prefer something catering to the brunch-lover in us all. That’s why news is buzzing about the fact that Starbucks is now testing a brunch menu at certain locations, and we have the deets on what exactly they’re offering and where you can snag a taste.

According to blogger and obvious aficionado Starbucks Melody, a brunch menu is being tested at 78 Starbucks locations in Portland and Seattle on weekends from 8am to 2pm. The special menu includes items like quiche with cage-free eggs, sweet Belgian waffles and baked French toast. You’ll find the treasure trove of midday treats in the pastry case.

With no official word from Starbucks on whether or not this menu will be popping up in other locations soon, for now we’ll just have to hope that the items do well enough in the test stores that the coffee geniuses behind the scenes decide to give the rest of the country a taste.

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(h/t Refinery29)