By now, you’ve probably tried every trendy hairstyle in the book: boxer braids, half-up top knots, messy AF lobs and maybe even tried hair color that you thought would upgrade your same-old ‘do. But what if the secret to hairstyle bliss had nothing to do with new and next, but was simply a matter of going back to basics? That’s what we’re picking up from what these Instababes are putting down, aka rocking stick-straight hair. A flat-ironed look doesn’t just pick up on hot-right-now minimalist vibes (okay okay, so there’s some trendy aspect involved) but it’s also a great way to keep your hair in place, no elastics necessary. If you need some straight hair inspiration for your own lovely locks, check out how these 13 stylish women are rocking the look.

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1. Straight Bangs: This beauty maven is sporting silk-straight hair and side-swept bangs like a champ. Add a wide-brim hat for a cool-girl feel. (Photo via @itsmyrayeraye)

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2. Right Down the Middle: Say goodbye to flyaways by recreating this beautiful style. Part your hair down the middle and use a straightener, then finish it off with a styling serum and you’re ready to party. (Photo via @petiteflowerpresents)

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3. Mod Locks: This blogger is sporting a perfect daytime look with her thick bangs and brightening highlights. Keep this mod look simple with a neutral lip and just a bit of liner, or go bold for date night. (Photo via @margoandme)

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4. Rich Brown Tresses: Rachel doesn’t need to do much with her hair when it looks this healthy. Keep your tresses looking fresh with a bit of dry shampoo for the roots, and use a bit of hairspray to lock those statement-making bangs in place. (Photo via @rachelschwartzmann)

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5. Straight Lob: Take a cue from springy Sam and keep your beauty regimen simple with a pop of pink on the lips, a slight cat eye and a polished long bob for good measure. (Photo via @aww.sam)

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6. Rounded Bangs: Add some intrigue by rounding out your bangs to frame a straightforward hairstyle. Rosalina has the right idea with her frizz-free raven bob and perfectly lined pout. (Photo via @ahitsrosa)

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7. Aqua Blue Bob: Kayla is doing punk princess so well with a high-contrast hair color and schoolgirl-chic frock. Go all out by pairing with a bold red lip and a serious cat eye. (Photo via @kayysteeze)

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8. Golden Ends: Sun-kissed locks are a great way to help cope with the lingering final weeks of winter. Let your roots peek out at the top to add depth to a majorly low-maintenance cut. (Photo via @thefoxandshe)

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9. Gothic Beauty: These choppy bangs and bold af eyebrows make for an impactful look that’s easy to achieve. Go to the dark side like Ashley in a cozy black sweater, or if you’re feeling those springtime vibes, contrast the deeper hues with a few bright pops of color. (Photo via @closetvomitfashion)

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10. Blunt Ombre: Emma’s look is all about structure and edge. Her rose-gold ombre color and vampy red lip are a color-lover’s dream, adding a modern feel to an already trendy outfit. (Photo via @emma_knight01)

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11. Slicked-Back Goddess: Shirley is slaying it with her straight, slicked-back tresses. Get this look by applying a generous helping of mousse and hairspray at the roots, then tame it all back with a paddle brush. (Photo via @shirleybeniang)

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12. Deep Side Part: Amanda doesn’t even need to show her face when her straight hair looks this good. Go easy on the hair spray to keep a deep side part looking naturally windswept. (Photo via @oraclefoxblog)

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13. Blunt Edge: While Audrie’s baby ombre color complements her outfit perfectly, her dark berry lip enhances the awesomely ’90s vibe of this look. (Photo via @audriestorme)

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