We’re not at all ashamed to admit that we eagerly circled the Stranger Things season two premiere date on our calendars and are now gobbling up every super creepy detail about the freaky ways the story will continue. But now (to our delight), the series’ creators have revealed that the next season will be even “bigger, darker, scarier.”

Stranger Things Season 2 Premiere Date Has Been Revealed With a Creepy New Teaser

During a chat with Variety, Matt and Ross Duffer (yep, they’re brothers) answered questions about their favorite comic book, the geekiest thing they’ve ever done, and what they plan to wear to their very first Comic Con. While that’s all very interesting, we’re more interested in what they had to say about the second season of Stranger Things.

The siblings didn’t reveal exactly *how* season two would be “bigger, darker, scarier,” but they did give two more tiny details, saying, “Dustin has teeth and Eleven has hair.” And while those might not seem like key clues, one might be more telling than you’d first think.

The fact that Eleven has hair means she’s likely managed to stay away from the lab. But that doesn’t mean that she (or anyone else) has kept completely away from danger, especially as the Upside Down continues to loom nearby. *cue ominous music*

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(h/t Variety; photos via Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Netflix)