You’re fit, fab and a girlboss to boot, but you could definitely benefit from a few stylistic changes in the coming year. That’s not to say you can’t hang with the street style elite — you totally can — but in terms of getting your wardrobe in gear and stepping outside your fashion comfort zone, you could use a bit of a boost. Well, we’ve got you covered, girl. We’ve come up with eight game-changing style resolutions to help you kick-start the New Year in style. And they go far beyond giving your wardrobe a much-needed revamp (though cleaning out your closet is definitely on the list!). Been dying to try a bodysuit or add a glamazon-approved faux fur coat to your lineup? Go for it! Ready to take the plunge and embrace bold color? Make 2017 the year you revolutionize your go-to neutral palette for good. Armed with this list and a go-get-’em attitude, you’ll be plenty prepared to conquer 2017 like the fashion goddess you are.

1. Take better care of your clothes. It’s officially time to show your duds a little love. You’re busy — we get it — but if you’re pouring your hard-earned cash into your closet, you should be viewing each purchase as an investment — fast fashion included. Sure, it’ll involve a little more effort on your part, but the result — clothes that last longer and consistently look their best — is most definitely worth it. Start getting in the habit of putting away clothes instead of tossing them into a pile on the floor after work, hand-washing items instead of throwing them into the washing machine and keeping your clothing neat and organized. Overstuffed drawers won’t do your threads any favors. Be ruthless when it comes to editing your wardrobe, getting rid of things you no longer wear or need before investing in new items. (Photo via Getty)

2. Pick your purchases carefully. Less is more, people! Start shopping smarter by choosing quality over quantity. And that means putting a little more thought into your purchases. A few bucks spent here and there on cheap threads can seriously add up — avoid frequent impulse buys by skipping sales at your fave fast fashion spots, saving that cash instead for a pair of designer kicks you’ve been coveting for months, a chic silk blouse or upgraded versions of your everyday essentials. A trick that we swear by that’ll help you stay on track is to create a Pinterest board of potential purchases. Convinced you *need* those leopard-print booties? Pin ‘em and think it over for a day or two. If you still can’t live without them, go ahead and treat yo’self, but chances are you’ll take a pass. (Photo via Thomas Barwick/Getty)

3. Do a full closet clean-out. New year, new you. The new year is all about new beginnings, so why hang onto things that’ll only hold you back? Yup, we’re referring to the not-so-short list of separates, shoes and accessories that you no longer wear, holdin’ it down in your wardrobe. Make this year the one you finally do something about them. Anything that’s too big, too small or no longer suits your sense of style should make its way into the donation bin or be sold secondhand — because let’s be real — you’ll probably never wear them again. Don’t hang onto damaged pieces either: If you haven’t gotten a stain out or patched up that hole by now, chances are you never will. It’s time to say sayonara. Look on the bright side: You’ll actually have space now for all the duds you do love, plus room for a few new additions. Make an event out of it a la Sex and the City by inviting over your besties for a bit of bubbly and a pseudo fashion show. (Photo via Tinatin1/Getty)


4. Dare to wear more color. Neutrals are your jam, but, girl, life is too short to stick to a palette of black, white, beige and gray. Make 2017 the year you branch out, even if it’s just adding a colorful accessory or two, like a printed scarf, statement necklace or a punchy pair of pumps, to your #OOTD. And no — navy doesn’t count. Who knows — before long you may be stepping out in head-to-toe Greenery.

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5. Invest in accessories. Repeat after us: Accessories are your friends. Influencers like Julie Sariñana of Sincerely Jules know that you don’t need to do a total wardrobe overhaul to make your threads feel brand new. A carefully curated collection of extras — of-the-moment handbags, It girl-approved steppers and Insta-worthy jewelry (like Sariñana’s signature collar necklace above) — is all you need to inject new life into old closet standbys and everyday essentials (teaming up an oversized sweater with statement drops is game-changing). The best part? Accoutrements are relatively affordable, especially if purchased in thrift shops, vintage stores or on the high street, meaning you can get major bang for your buck.


6. Upgrade your underwear. Fact: Undergarments can make or break an ensemble. Kick ill-fitting or old underthings to the curb for good and make your way to a reputable store stat to finally be measured and fitted with a bra, like Victoria’s Secret Perfect Coverage Bra ($35), that’ll feel fabulous and look flawless under all of your clothes. And while you’re at it, treat yourself to some new knickers and a fancy-pants bra — because why not?

7. Try at least one trend you love. As a bona fide style goddess in the making, you’re pretty well-versed in what’s “in” this season. And with knowledge comes the overwhelming tendency to stretch yourself (and your wallet) thin trying to test drive every trend. This year, choose just one or two trends to focus in on each season, selecting a few pieces that align themselves with your personal taste (like a statement puffer jacket a la Pernille Teisbaek or shimmery socks to rock with a pair of strappy metallic sandals), rather than what will bring in the most double taps. You gotta do you, girl.

8. Look to influencers for inspo. Insta and Pinterest are gold mines as far as style inspiration goes, especially if you’re looking to take things to the next level in 2017. Start saving pics of looks you love and make a point of trying a new combo each week to start expanding your sartorial horizons. Start following ‘grammers whose style speaks to you, then put your own personal flair on their getups to create a unique look. (Photo via Eva Katalin/Getty)

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