The pen is mightier than the sword… and more stylish too. We’re brightening up a desktop staple with this collection of 12 cool and colorful pens and pencils. They’re so great in fact, that you’ll want to flaunt them around work, in cafes and even at home. And with all that awesome color and pattern, it’ll be a lot harder to misplace them when you’re rummaging around your purse (we’ve all been there). Basically, they’re pretty and practical — so take your pick.

1. Cheerful Pencil Set ($12): Let’s start things off on a cheery note. No really, you can take notes with these cheery, super duper positive pencils.

2. Paul and Paulina Pen ($3): The plastic body isn’t the only thing that’s colorful about these pens — the ink is too. Jazz up your notes by jotting ’em down in green, burgundy, purple and more.

3. Neon Color Block Pencils ($3): No more plain old #2s for you. These pretty, acid-bright neon pencils are uber trendy with their color-dipped look.

4. Tool Pen ($28): Calling all handywomen: This is the pen you never knew you needed. Twist the body and out pops the pen, while the cap on the other end houses a handy-dandy, double-sided screwdriver. The pen also doubles (triples? quadruples?) as a ruler and a level.

5. Point Sharp Pencil ($6): Don’t let the bright plastic body and pocket clip fool you; these cuties are actually pencils, not pens. No sense in letting ink have all the colorful fun.

6. Genius Pen ($14): So we can’t guarantee that you’ll start magically jotting down complicated algorithms with first use, but you will look like a stationery style genius whenever you whip out this gel ink pen.

7. Color Block Pens ($5): Ever encountered a pen so pretty you’d rather stare at it all day than use it? Well, now you have. These color block pens deliver major style. We’ll take one in each color combo, please.

8. Like a Boss Pencil ($2): Hey you, future mogul, this pencil’s got your name on it. And it comes in glam gold and black, so you’ll be commanding attention in the boardroom for your smarts and style.

9. Number 2 Ballpoint Pen ($37): We’ve seen pencils passed off as pens, and now pens masquerading as pencils? Either way, we’re down. This classic #2 “pencil” is actually a smooth-writing ballpoint pen, complete with a faux retractable pink eraser.

10. Stationery of the Art Pencils ($9): Well hello there, black and gold beauties. We’re getting some art deco vibes from these cool graphic-patterned pencils.

11. Cute Pattern Pen ($6): Stripes, clouds or adorable bunny rabbits? Take your pick with these fun pens. Any of them will be perfect for writing out postcards you’re sending while on your ah-mazing trip.

12. Idiom Pencils ($20): Like your writing instruments on the mouthy side? Then this Kate Spade pencil set is for you. Talk about the perfect balance of cheeky and chic.

Which cute pen or pencil can you not wait to be writing with? Tell us in the comments below!