Perhaps we’re late to the party, but we have just discovered a magical, silly putty-like solution called called Sugru (soo-groo). This tiny piece of rubber is amazing — it starts as a soft, malleable dough and then turns to hard silicone overnight. You can use it to repair a distressed electrical cord, mend a cracked dishwasher, or even kid-proof a camera. It was chosen as one of Time magazine’s 50 best inventions of 2010 and is becoming known as a “hacking putty” around the world.

It’s perfect for mending cracks and holes, but does so much more as well. It sticks to almost everything (wood, glass, fabric, ceramics, leather and most metals) and can hold heavy weighted objects together. Sugru is also waterproof, heat and cold resistent, and is able to insulate electricity. This makes it perfect for repairing or adding onto everything from snow boots and surf boards to electric cords.

It comes in a bunch of fun colors, and is only $18 for a pack of 8. The best news? It’s not permanent! Just permanent enough to hold your stuff together. Despite how it solidifies to silicone overnight, it’s still removable from any surface (though works best on a non-porous surface). Here are a few of our favorite applications:

Can you believe how ridiculously stick-tastic these little packs of Sugru are? Amazing! Sugru also has a great interactive website where you can find more examples of Sugru hacks and tutorials.

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