Those holidays pies were definitely drool worthy, and our Pi day was way more memorable than last year’s thanks to petite pie pops. But with summer right around the corner, we’re switching gears. From fruit-filled to frozen to fun-size, the summer pies we’ve rounded up will not only satiate your sweet tooth but will have you sprinting back for seconds. No really, these pies are so ridiculously delicious that we’d take any of them to the face.

1. Mango Cobbler With Coconut Whipped Cream: In need of a tropical summer vacay but can’t get the time off? Maybe this mango cobbler with coconut whipped cream can help. (via The Kitchn)

2. Rustic Strawberry Rhubarb Tart: If you’re short on time, pick up some juicy strawberries from the local market and try this quick and simple freeform tart recipe. (via Savory Sweet Life)

3. Peach Bourbon Pie: You’re definitely going to need a scoop of vanilla ice cream with this boozy slice o’ pie! (via Gimme Some Oven)

4. Frozen Banana Walnut Toffee Pie: Step up your banana cream pie game by adding vanilla ice cream and walnuts to the mix. Not into toffee bits? Sub them out for chocolate chips instead! (via Babble)

5. Frozen Blueberry Coconut Yogurt Pie: We’ve decided, since this pie is made with Greek yogurt, it can be eaten for breakfast, too. Huzzah! (via She Wears Many Hats)

6. Key Lime Margarita Pie With Pretzel Crust: Sipping a margarita on a hot summer’s day is a seriously spiritual experience. So needless to say, we were thanking the baking gods when we came across this lovely citrus dessert. (via Love from the Oven)

7. Cherry Pie Cookie Cups: These delicious bite-sized cherry pies are simultaneously sweet and tart. Try not to eat more than one… we dare you. (via Lemon Tree Dwelling)

8. Blackberry Cardamom Hand Pies With Buckwheat Crust: Buckwheat is really good for you. And so are blackberries. So these hand pies are basically health food. (via A Cozy Kitchen)

9. Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Ganache Tart: Top off some seriously thick chocolate ganache with fresh raspberries for a decadent summer dessert. (via Sweet Sugar Bean)

10. Key Lime Pie Pops With Graham Cracker Crust: Now you can eat your pie on the go thanks to these Key lime pie popsicles! Think of the graham cracker crust bottom as a little reward for finishing the whole thing ;) (via Food for My Family)

11. Ricotta Pineapple Pie: This tangy little slice will leave you feeling both full and refreshed. (via Tide + Thyme)

12. Strawberry Basil Hand Pies: Basil is delicious in salads, cocktails, pasta and… pies?! Who knew? (via Brooklyn Supper)

13. Peach and Plum Galette: This peachy galette is plum perfect. (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves!) And there’s even some minced ginger thrown in for good measure. (via Passionate About Baking)

14. Passion Fruit Meringue Pie: Start with a biscuit base, add the passion fruit curd and top things off with a light Italian meringue to create these sophisticated mini pies-in-a-jar. (via Drizzle and Drip)

15. Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Pie: Cheesecake. Ice Cream. Pie. Just think about that. (via The Kitchn)

16. Blueberry Pie Bars: Smoosh some blueberries between a honey-cornmeal crust to make these treats that are so finger-licking good. And yes, that is a hint of lemon you’re detecting. (via The Cozy Apron)

17. Lemon and Coconut Cream Pie Jars: This classic diner dessert has been reinvented in mini jar form, and we think its new look is the bee’s knees! (via Hummingbird High)

18. Frozen Mint Chocolate Chip Pie: ALERT: three-ingredient pie sighting! And yes, one is Cool Whip. (via Thirty Handmade Days)

19. Berry Ice Cream Pie: Make good use of that gallon of strawberry ice cream by whipping up this fabulously melty berry pie. You won’t regret it. (via Food + Wine)

20. Frozen Peanut Butter Pie Pops: Graham crackers, pretzels, dark chocolate, peanut butter, chocolate-covered rice balls, dry roasted peanuts… Are there any yummy treats on this planet that AREN’T in these amazing pie pops?! (via Cooking Channel)

Have a favorite summer pie you serve up on the regular? Share it with us in the comments below!