There’s nothing like attending a summer wedding, watching two people you care about declare their love for each other, and then realizing your makeup is melting off your face. Think: mascara that’s so smudged it looks like you were going for a smokey eye and foundation so streaky it looks like you’ve never even heard of a blending sponge. Save the beauty malfunction and heed the advice of these five professional makeup artists — each experienced in all things bridal beauty — who tell us exactly how to make your look last this time of year.

1. Apply highlighter underneath your foundation

“Keep highlighter to a minimum, applying the tiniest little bit of a cream formulation underneath foundation and only on the tops of the cheeks and inner corner of the eyes. Highlighter on the forehead, nose, or chin should be avoided at all costs on a hot, humid day — it’ll just make you look sweaty instead of luminous. That said, you definitely don’t want a totally matte look either, because that doesn’t look radiant, so just a small, strategic touch is very impactful.” — Jenny Patinkin, author, Lazy Perfection: The Art of Looking Great Without Really Trying ($13)

2. Use primer on un-moisturized skin

“My biggest tip for brides is to use primer on an un-moisturized face. When I have brides, we develop a routine to make their skin look great on their wedding day and it involves a hydrating mask the morning of. That way, we don’t have to use moisturizer after. It breaks makeup down. Oh, and you definitely need a separate face and eye primer!” — Erin Williams, founder, Erin’s Faces

3. Try semi-permanent lash hacks

“Pre-wedding day prep makes all the difference when it comes to looking and staying beautiful on your big day (especially if it’s in the summer!). Lash extensions and eyelash tints can perfect your look before the wedding, taking away some of that day-of stress. They also ensure your tears of joy and sweat from dancing won’t melt away your makeup.” — Mandy Jacobellis, CEO/Creator of LAshX and celebrity lash extension artist

4. Opt for cream-based products

“My number one tip for getting bridal makeup to last through heat and humidity is to use cream-based products instead of powder products. Creams stick directly onto the skin, whereas a powder just sits on the skin. For example, choose a cream blush over a powder blush. To increase its wear, you can set it with a translucent powder, but be careful not to use any powders that add coverage, as this will appear heavy and cakey. Less is more in the heat!” — Sasha Colina, beauty expert and vlogger

5. Finish with mattifying primer

“Once I’ve finished the bridal makeup application, instead of over-powdering, I actually finish with a mattifying primer in the areas that are most likely to get shiny. I like using a makeup sponge to dab the primer down the T-zone and on the sides of the nose.” — Neil Scibelli, beauty expert

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(Photo via Justin Tallis – WPA Pool/Getty)