While we wholeheartedly believe that every body is already beach-ready, we’ve definitely been putting in a few extra hours at the gym to make ourselves feel fabulous in time for our oceanside summer vacay. Now that we’re on a healthy habit streak, we want to keep our fitness momentum rolling while on vacation — but we’re not willing to sacrifice prime beach hours for a grueling workout in a dreary hotel gym. It turns out we can have the best of both worlds. Below, Lissa Bankston, Reebok Sponsored Athlete and personal trainer to Flatliners star Nina Dobrev, shares a 10-minute workout that you can do right on the beach… and in-between piña coladas.

1. Gorilla Crawl: “The gorilla crawl is a favorite because you feel a bit primal when you are executing the move,” says Bankston. “Once you find your rhythm with it, it’s a move that tones the entire body and makes for a really cool boomerang!” Start in a squat position with your feet wider than your hips; stay low as you jump forward onto your hands. As your hands land, pull your feet quickly toward your hands so that you can pick yourself up to jump again.

Exercise Duration: One minute

2. Tricep Dips: First, find the nearest chair or rock (stairs are also a great option if they’re available). Start with your feet shoulder-width apart and in the sand and put your hands shoulder-width apart on the chair/rock/stairs with your fingers facing forward and your elbows pulled tight to your body. Bend at your elbows and lower your hips toward the sand. Pro tip: Keep the trunk of your body moving vertically for the most isolation of the tricep (it’ll make your arms look fantastic in all those beach selfies!).

Exercise Duration: 15 reps

3. Plank Walk: Time to drop it to the sand! Start in plank position, keeping your abs braced hard as you drop down to one forearm, then both forearms, and then walk back up onto your hands. “The key here is to not let the hips sway side to side,” notes Bankston, “so put a water bottle on your spine at your lower back and try not to let it fall off.”

Exercise Duration: One minute

4. Bulgarian Lunges: “The Bulgarian Split Squat (I call it the Bulgarian Lunge since I use a longer stance and keep the back foot active) makes the booty pop,” says Bankston. “Plus, doing it at the lifeguard stand makes for good flirty conversation.” Start about two to three feet away from whatever chair, stairs, or lifeguard stand you’re using, with your feet hip-width apart and in the sand. Take one foot and place it on the stairs or other support behind you. Bend your back knee and lower your body toward the sand (keep your body moving vertically). Just make sure your front knee doesn’t pass your big toe when you’re at the bottom of the lunge to avoid getting an injury on your tropical vacation.

Exercise Duration: 10 reps per leg

5. Body Weight Squats: Start with feet hip-width apart, your toes slightly turned out, and your chest lifted. Bend your knees, push your butt back, and lower your body until your hips are around knee level. If you want to make it a little more difficult, Bankston says that you can add a jump at the top for an extra kick!

Exercise Duration: 25 reps

6. Crab Crawl: Sit on your butt with your feet hip-width apart and your heels in the sand. Your hands should be shoulder-width apart with your fingers facing your feet. Lift your hips as high as you can and squeeze your booty! In this position, walk backwards with your opposite hand and foot. To really amp up this move and work your triceps, keep your fingers facing your feet.

Exercise Duration: One minute

7. Mountain Climbers: Start in plank position and drive your right knee across your body toward your left elbow; then switch and bring your left knee toward your right elbow. Minimize any movement in your truck by bracing your abs super hard and keep your body weight shifted forward into the heel of your hands. Trust us, your abs will be burning in no time!

Exercise Duration: One minute

8. Bear Crawl: Start on all fours with your hands under your shoulders, your knees bent to 90 degrees and under your hips, and your toes dug into the sand. Keep your shins parallel to the sand as you crawl opposite hand and foot moving either forward or backwards. Just remember, the more stable your trunk is as you crawl the more of a core workout you’ll get.

Exercise Duration: One minute

9. Surfer Jumps: Start with feet wide, toes turned out, and knees slightly bent. Jump up, rotate your hips 180 degrees in the air, and land in the same position… kind of like you’re on a surfboard and you’re switching your lead foot. If jumping isn’t your thing, try pivoting instead by stepping your right foot ahead, then stepping it behind as if you’re switching from the front of the surfboard to the back. Maybe this move will even inspire you to take a surfing lesson on your vacay!

Exercise Duration: One minute

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(Photos via Lissa Bankston, GIFs via Jesse DeYoung )