Now that it’s been around for awhile, there are tons of Whole30 recipes that you can enjoy without breaking the rules of the 30-day nutrition program. The creativity of these dinner recipes make following the guidelines a tasty pleasure, not a chore.

1. Whole30 Chicken Zoodle Soup: If you’re looking for a soul-soothing dish that’s still diet-friendly, you’ve come to the right recipe. (via Brit + Co)

2. Whole30 Loaded Baked Potato Soup: Hearty comfort food isn’t always compliant with the latest food trends, but this loaded baked potato soup just happens to be Whole30 approved. (via Brit + Co)

3. Whole30 Animal Style Burgers: Crunchy lettuce leaves replace traditional buns to make burgers that are Whole30 compliant. You’ll be able to stop your drive-thru dreams after just one bite. (via Brit + Co)

4. Chicken, Pesto, and Sun-Dried Tomato Egg Pizza: Instead of a wheat crust, this pizza is made on a high-protein egg base. A creamy pesto made with pine nuts and cashews will make you forget all about cheese. (via The Whole Smith’s Good Food Cookbook, photo via Michelle Smith)

5. Whole 30 Salmon Avocado Salad: The most unexpected bite in this salmon salad comes not from creamy avocado, but rather from bright bursts of tangy grapefruit that liven up the entire dish. (via The Whole Smith’s Good Food Cookbook, photo via Michelle Smith)

6. Whole30 Broccoli Chicken Twice Baked Potatoes: Thank goodness white potatoes aren’t off-limits with Whole30. Turn them into an entire, satisfying meal by stuffing them with broccoli, chicken, fresh herbs, and spices. (via The Whole Smith’s Good Food Cookbook, photo via Michelle Smith)

7. Whole30 Chicken, Lime, and Avocado Soup: Don’t forget the avocado. It adds a cooling, creamy effect to your bowl. (via The Whole30 Slow Cooker, photo via Ghazalle Badiozamani)

8. Whole30 Instant Pot Chicken Cacciatore: This Whole30-compliant chicken cacciatore is comfort food at its best, made by swapping zucchini noodles for pasta. (via The Whole30 Slow Cooker, photo via Ghazalle Badiozamani)

9. Whole30 Instant Pot Chinese Sesame Chicken: Make this sesame chicken at home in your Instant Pot so you don’t give in to your take-out cravings. (via The Whole30 Slow Cooker, photo via Ghazalle Badiozamani)

10. Twice-Baked Sweet Potato Egg Boat: Roasted sweet potatoes, eggs, and the toppings of your choice (bacon and avocado, for example) create a hearty base for your day. (via Brit + Co)

11. Hashbrown Egg Cups: Sometimes nothing hits the spot like a cozy hashbrown egg cup. Opt for only shredded sweet potatoes in this dish to keep it compliant. (via Siriously Delicious by Siri Daly / Time Inc., Books)

12. Sheet-Pan Shrimp Fajitas: Tangy, spicy sheet-pan shrimp fajitas can be wrapped in lettuce taco “shells.” (via Brit + Co)

13. Green Egg Shakshuka: If you’re not famished after work, treat yourself to a pan of mixed greens topped with baked eggs. (via Brit + Co)

14. Spring Chicken Salad: Chicken, potatoes, and greens are always a choice grouping. Here, the addition of a pesto dressing transforms them into a vibrantly flavored dish. Use snap peas instead of English peas to keep things Whole30-compliant. (via Brit + Co)

15. Whole30 Shepherd’s Pie: Topped with a creamy cauliflower-potato mash, Whole30 shepherd’s pie is just one way to satisfy your comfort food cravings. (via Brit + Co)

16. Halibut en Papillote: Made with halibut, shiitake mushrooms, and a touch of sesame oil, this homemade fish dish is oh-so-memorable. Serve it with cauli rice to help soak up the extra sauce. (via The Clean Plate: Eat, Reset, Heal by Gwyneth Paltrow)

17. Instant Pot Salmon Dinner: Sweet potatoes, broccoli, and orange-covered salmon cook up all at once in an Instant Pot within minutes so hanger doesn’t have time to strike. (via Brit + Co)

18. Keto Vegan Alfredo Zoodles: We think Whole30 will forgive us since alfredo sauce isn’t something people tend to binge on. Top it with shrimp or chicken for extra oomph. (via Brit + Co)

19. Whole30 Mashed Potatoes With Mushroom Gravy: Make a big batch of this and serve it alongside a steak. (via Brit + Co)

20. Sweet Potato Egg Boat: Don’t knock it till you try it. Egg, bacon, avo, and sweet potatoes surprisingly go very well together. (via Brit + Co)

21. Paleo Dressing: This bowl combines roasted root vegetables and sausage for an earthy, filling combo. Serve it with some cauliflower rice for a complete meal. (via Brit + Co)

22. Whole30 Chicken Salad: This easy grilled chicken salad, ideal for the nights when you want to quickly throw something together, happens to be Pinterest’s top recipe. (via Brit + Co)

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Additional reporting by Irina Gonzalez