While the human tongue has four regions for tasting — bitter, sour, salty, sweet — only one of these regions has another space in the mouth dedicated entirely to it: sweet. There are so many yummy ways to satisfy a sweet tooth, like rich and chocolaty goodies like hot chocolate or light and sugary delicacies like rice crispy treats. We’re sharing 10 sweet treats that are sure to bring a smile to sweet-tooth-filled mouths everywhere.


1. S’mores Marshmallows by Wondermade ($8): Skip the hassle but keep the flavor with these s’mores-infused marshmallow treats. These yummy confections are especially great when you can’t manage a campfire but still want the classic treat.


2. Taste the Joy Gift Set by Chuao Chocolatier ($10): This crafty chocolate set includes eight different and delicious chocolate varieties to try, including potato chip and honeycomb. We can almost guarantee you’ll have a new favorite after sampling them all.


3. Fall Classics Chocolate Set of Three by Ticket Chocolate ($15): Sporting the classic flavors of fall (hazelnut, pumpkin spice and spiced apple cider), this trio is for you, m’dear, if you’re missing autumnal flavors and don’t want to wait until September to taste them again.


4. Caramel Marshmallows by Ticket Chocolatier ($18): These caramel-dipped marshmallows are bite-sized bits of heaven. These little guys have been know to convert even strict chocolate-for-dessert types into caramel believers.


5. Dark Chocolate Toffee by Pure Madness Chocolate ($40): Made with 62 percent dark chocolate and sprinkled with almonds, this toffee is not to be missed. If you’re hosting a cocktail party, these little morsels are a great treat for nibbling, and their mega deliciousness is sure to get the conversation flowing.


6. Honeycomb Candy Coal by Liddabit Sweets ($10): While Christmas has passed, not all the fun of it has. Indulge in a little post-Christmas candy coal if you want — this honeycomb version definitely won’t disappoint.


7. Cricket Cookie Variety Pack by Bitty Foods ($30): These mini cookie packs are perfect for sugar cravings on the go. Keep one in your tote bag or stash one in your desk at work — you never know when the urge might strike.


8. The Chocolate Tasting Kit ($25): This kit contains everything you need to go from chocolate lover to chocolate aficionado in no time at all. It even has tips for hosting your very own chocolate tasting party!


9. Rye Whiskey Caramel Sauce by Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery ($33): If your sweet tooth has a particular affinity for ice cream, this whiskey caramel sauce will take it to the next level. Try swapping it for any recipe that calls for caramel and your desserts will never be the same.


10. Seal Salt Boxed Caramels by Liddabit Sweets ($8): Classic and delicious: A box of caramels is the perfect accompaniment to a night in with some good wine and a good movie. Is it the weekend yet?

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