Yummy, healthy, and refreshing, fruit is a staple in our diets all year long, but especially as temperatures rise. So we’re always on the lookout for original ways to prepare it to keep it both yummy and interesting. These 12 twists on classic fruit salad add a touch of savory to the sweetness of summertime.

1. Peaches, Basil, Red Onion Salad: This simple salad (the directions are only one step!) combines peaches and onions for a unique flavor. (Recipe and photo: Whole Living)

2. Colorful Savory Salad: The bright fruits combine with savory dressing to create a feast for your eyes and mouth. (Recipe and photo: What’s Up? Magazine)

3. Savory Watermelon Salad: We just can’t get enough watermelon this month. This savory salad puts a yummy twist on this stellar summer fruit. (Recipe and photo: My Recipes)

4. Fruit Chaat: This Indian-inspired delight combines traditional spices with fruit for the perfect savory snack. (Recipe and photo: Pham Fatale)

5. Savory Tropical Fruit Salad: Can’t seem to escape to a tropical island paradise? With this savory and sweet fruit salad, at least your tastebuds can. (Recipe and photo: The Norwood Nest)

6. Grapefruit Salad with Fennel, Avocados, and Red Onion: Grapefruit is good for way more than a healthy breakfast. With this salad, it gets just the right amount of attention. (Recipe and photo: Three Many Cooks)

7. Spicy Carrots and Mango Salad: In a recipe that looks like sunshine, carrots and mango get cheery with a mix of spice and sweet. (Recipe and photo: Honest Vanilla

8. Spicy Mango Pineapple Salad: Blueberries add a pop of color to this spicy and tropical salad (that can totally double as a salsa — yum). (Recipe and photo: A Kitchen Endeavor)

9. Savory Cantaloupe Salad: Cantaloupe usually serves as a base for the classic fruit salad… This delicious savory version will definitely be a hit at your next gathering. (Recipe and photo: The Family Kitchen)

10. Summertime in a Cup: More watermelon? Yes, more watermelon. This adorable fruit-salad-in-a-cup is a must make summer appetizer. (Recipe and photo: What We’re Eating)

11. Savory Mexicana Salad: Take a break from the traditional to whip up this fruit fiesta! (Recipe and photo: Europe’s Best)

12. Fruit Caprese Salad: Caprese salad is always a quick and easy addition to a meal, and this Asian-inspired fruit version will wow any visitors. (Recipe and photo: Pham Fatale)

How do you spice up your fruit salad? You know we’re always up for unique flavor combos. Let us know in the comments below or send us suggestions over on Twitter.