When temperatures soar, the last thing we want to do is spend hours in a hot kitchen. Whether you鈥檙e prepping a romantic date night for two or planning a summer party, these 13 nearly no-cook meals are guaranteed to help you keep your cool. They鈥檙e fast, they鈥檙e delicious, and you won鈥檛 be stuck with a bunch of pots and pans at the end of the meal. And that means more time for soaking up those endless summer nights.

1.聽Avocado on Toast With Smoked Salmon: None of us thought avocado toast could get better, until we heard about this delicious upgrade. Fresh herbs and a tomato dressing give this dish an extra-special lift. (via Olive Magazine)

2. Zucchini and Fresh Corn Salad With Lemon-Basil Vinaigrette: If there鈥檚 one thing better than a no-cook meal, it鈥檚 one that can be prepped in advance. Grab a drink and relax for at least 30 minutes while the zucchini ribbons soak up all that delicious dressing goodness. (via foodiecrush)

3. Spicy Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Poke Bowls: This restaurant favorite is easier to make than you think. Make it a group event and gather your friends for a build-your-own-poke-bowl night. (via Jessica Gavin)

4. Cucumber Radish Avocado Gazpacho: If you can make a smoothie, you can make this soup. Add some crusty bread and you鈥檝e got dinner in a flash. (via What鈥檚 Cooking Good Looking)

5. Vietnamese Shrimp Spring Rolls With Spicy Hoisin Peanut Sauce: Instant vermicelli noodles are the secret to this tasty (and portable!) meal. No boiling required 鈥 just pour a little hot water over them to soften and you鈥檙e done. (via Bowl of Delicious)

6. Caprese Pasta Salad: Forget those mayonnaise-heavy pasta salads. Fresh tomatoes, a crunch of pine nuts, and plenty of herbs keep this dish fresh and visually appealing. (via Will Cook for Friends)

7. Olive Tapenade and Hummus Stuffed Pita: We love this vegetarian spin on pita sandwiches. The ingredients are simple enough to keep around for lunches, but hearty enough for dinner. (via Naturally Ella)

8. Stone Fruit and Burrata Salad: As if you needed one more reason to love burrata, enter this salad. We鈥檒l be eating it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Bonus points for also looking flat-out gorgeous. (via What鈥檚 Gaby Cooking)

9. Kale Caesar Salad: Why settle for a standard Caesar when you could have this beauty? Homemade dressing, hearty kale, and a heavy hit of lime all work together in perfect harmony. (via Gimme Some Oven)

10. Mango and Jalape帽o Ceviche: We might as well call this one 鈥渧acation on a plate.鈥 Just add salty tortilla chips and a cold frosty beer. (via Foodness Gracious)

11. Grilled Peach and Panzanella Salad: This is one of those salads that fires on all cylinders 鈥 salty, sweet, crunchy, creamy, juicy, and crisp. Throw the peaches on the grill while your bread gets a little toasty in the oven and you鈥檝e got yourself a meal. (via A Simple Pantry)

12. Oil-Packed Tuna, Avocado, White Bean, and Arugula Salad:There鈥檚 nothing like a dish that comes together with pantry staples. We love the addition of quinoa to round out this perfect summer dinner. (via Salt and Wind)

13. Cowboy Rice Salad: If you love cowboy caviar party dip, this meal is for you. It鈥檚 zesty, fresh, and just as addictive as the much-loved classic appetizer. (via Recipe Tin Eats)

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