Mornings can be hard sometimes (especially Monday mornings) and a solid routine is the only way to get through them. But the downside of routines is that sometimes they can be… kind of a snore. When you’re bleary-eyed and you just want to head back to bed, that’s no way to stay fresh and awake. One way to strike a balance is to find a little something to add to help you reenergize your morning while still keeping it quick and effortless. Maybe that thing is a delicious new take on a classic breakfast item, like the croissant. We’ve gathered a few eclectic ideas that will add a little pizzazz to your morning routine.

Almond Sticks

1. Almond Croissant Twists: A fresh take on the classic almond croissant. They almost beg to be dunked in a cup of coffee or used to scoop the foam off the top of a cappuccino. (via Kitchen Sanctuary)

Croissant Sand Casserole

2. Croissant Sandwich Casserole: It’s not just a croissant update, but a whole new take on the croissant sandwich. Throw a couple sandwiches in a pan, whip up a few ingredients, cook and enjoy. Easy as… croissant casserole! (via Fuss Free Cooking)

Sour Mandarin Compote

3. Sour Mandarin Compote Croissants: This recipe thoroughly blows the traditional croissant and jam combo out of the water by walking you through assembling an amazing compote that could possibly replace jam in your life forever. (via The Moonblush Baker)

Berry Croissant CHeesecake

4. Berry Croissant Cheesecake: Yes, you read that right: croissant cheesecake. Is it breakfast? Is it dessert? Both, definitely both. (via The Kitchen Whisperer)


5. Sausage Croissant Stuffing: This recipe takes classic sausage stuffing and replaces the bread crumbs with croissant pieces. Are you immediately re-imagining every stuffing recipe you know like we are? (via Host the Toast)

Apple Croissant Waffles

6. Double Apple Croissant Waffles: It’s apple picking season, ladies, and this is one way to put all those tasty fruits to good — make that incredible — use. (via Hearts in My Oven)


7. Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding: Serve this at an upcoming brunch for a definite win — everyone loves bread pudding, but this recipe takes it to a yummier level, perfect for your more adventurous-eater guests while remaining familiar enough for the traditionalists. (via The Food Network)

Choco Stack Croissant

8. Layered Chocolate Croissant: A San Francisco bakery put this genius spin on chocolate croissants. Talk about respecting the ingredients — layers and layers of delicious chocolate? Delicious in every bite! (via Pottery Barn)

Croissant cake

9. Croissant Cake: This croissant cake can be made with croissants of any flavor or filling — keep switching it up and you’ll never have the same dish twice. (via Cook 13)


10. Croissant French Toast Muffin: Three breakfast champions in one. Plus, anything with syrup? Yes. Please. (via Deliciously Yum)


11. Savory Croissant Sandwiches: A bakery in Singapore came up with these game-changing plays on savory croissants, including the hot dog-esque Flying Pig. Did someone say vacay? (via Honeycombers Singapore)

Croissant French Toast

12. Croissant French Toast: This breakfast duo sounds just as good as it looks. Add some fresh fruit + powdered sugar on top for a little extra something. (via Serious Eats)


13. Crolato: Paris and Italy come together in these mini-croissants stuffed with luscious gelato. It’s almost too perfect. Almost. (via Metro)


14. Croissant Loaf: Can’t get enough croissant? Make an entire loaf! Even in loaf form, the flaky goodness of croissants prevails. (via Not Without Salt)

cronit burger

15. Cronut Burger: Everyone has heard of the cronut, but a cronut burger? No way! We have our Canadian friends to the north to thank for this insanely interesting treat. (via The Atlantic)


16. The Cruffin: They’ve been eying each other for a while and finally got together. Croissant and muffin, may you have a long, happy and banana creme-filled life together. (via Facebook / Mr. Holmes Bakehouse)


17. Kit Kat Croissant: A Japanese bakery choreographed one of the best mic drops in history: the Kit Kat Croissant. The flakiness of the Kit Kat wafer is such a great compliment to the layered dough of croissants. Take that, old pain au chocolats! (via PopSugar)

Which play on the croissant is tingling your taste buds? Let us know in the comments below.