This week, Taco Bell announced they’re going to start serving up breakfast beginning March 27. That’s exciting and all, but a whole grueling month stands between our tastebuds and that warm, syrupy Waffle Taco. UNLESS… we make our own now!

Ding. Done.

 – eggs

– your favorite frozen waffles

– breakfast meat of choice (we went with turkey bacon!)

– syrup for slow motion drizzling

Brit + Co. marketing superstar (and maker of many delicious treats) Francesca Bean took on the task of delivering up that taco-y goodness to us early. Start by baking turkey bacon in the oven for 12 minutes at 400 degrees to get the strips nice and crispy.

While you’re bringing home the bacon, start scrambling those eggs! Crack as many as you need (figure two per taco) into a glass bowl, whisk them up with a little water to make them as fluffy as Taco Bell boasts theirs will. Melt butter in your pan, then pour in the egg mixture and cook those bad boys over low heat.

Pop your Eggos in the toaster last and only for one round, so they will be warm but soft enough to form into a shell.

When all of your ingredients are done, it’s time to assemble with a fork and a steady hand.

Then, drizzle maple syrup (the real deal) on top. But do it in slow motion like they’ll probably do in the commercial. Mmmmmm.

That’s right, you can whip up a batch of waffle tacos at home with basic breakfast ingredients already in your kitchen! If you want to get fancy, you could mix in your favorite cheese to the eggs and top off with salsa, avocado or other taco-y fixins — even substitute hollandaise sauce for syrup.

While the one-month countdown is on, may we suggest setting up your own taco waffle bar in the meantime? We think this would make a killer breakfast set up at a sleepover or potluck brunch party. And who needs Valentine’s Day to serve breakfast in bed?

Will you be ringing Taco Bell for breakfast in March? Ever made a fast food favorite at home? Tweet us about it!