Here’s Your First Look at the Boozy Taco Bell of the Future
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Here’s Your First Look at the Boozy Taco Bell of the Future

Clearly companies think we just looooooooooooove getting tipsy. Okay, so maybe they’re right… ;)

After Starbucks debuted its wine-heavy evening menu, Target hinted at booze-fueled shopping excursions and Taco Bell teased its boozy restaurant, we thought the brands were playing tricks with our emotions. Turns out that’s not the case, as the fast food chain *finally* revealed details about that alcohol-serving watering (and food) hole.

Taco Bell Cantina is a new urban restaurant concept from the chain looking to redefine fast food, and itself, in the process. The first location is opening in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago on September 22 (Thrillist already had an IRL Taco Bell Cantina experience at a soft opening), while a second location will debut by the end of the month in San Francisco near the home of the Giants, AT&T Park (see you soon, TBC!).

So what is going to be different about this take on Taco Bell? Well, aside from a majority of the normal menu items and the ability to order beer, wine, sangria or Twisted Freezes with vodka, rum or tequila, the menu will also include new shareable food items like mini quesadilla nachos, rolled tacos and even chicken tenders. Who would have ever thought your company’s happy hour could actually take place at Taco Bell?!

In addition to the fresh food options and liquored-up bevs, Taco Bell Cantina is going to redefine the way a dining experience at the home of the fourth meal feels as well. Both the Wicker Park and SF locations will have elements that incorporate their respective cities for a local feel when visiting (brick walls and local artist pieces at the WP spot and patio seating with bike pickup for the SF restaurant). These restaurants also have open-kitchen designs with food served open-face style so everything about the process is transparent, a la Chipotle.

If you’re feeling some FOMO feels because you aren’t located in Chicago or SF to experience a Taco Bell Cantina, have no fear! These modern Taco Bells are potentially coming to NYC, Boston and Columbus, Ohio. Now go get a spiked brainfreeze!

Do you want to give Taco Bell Cantina a taste? Let us know in the comments.

(Photos via @tacobell + Tyler Mallory/Taco Bell Corp.)