Thanksgiving is almost here, but if you’re still struggling to figure out what you’re cooking (perhaps Khloé Kardashian’s menu can be of some inspo?) or how to cook it, not to fret: Taco Bell has you covered.

For the fifth year in a row, the fast-food giant played host to VIP guests at its Irvine, California location for a Friendsgiving dinner celebration, and TBH, the Turkey Day menu the company shared on Twitter kind of had our mouths watering!

Those in attendance were presented with butternut squash chalupa bites, taco supreme croquettes, and an autumn pueblo salad blend of squash, pepitas, pomegranate, and Orange Cream Pop vinaigrette. So far, so yum, right?

Next up came Baja Blast glazed ham (named for the company’s famous sauce and Mountain Dew flavor), fiery elote corn made with (what else?!) fiery Doritos Locos Tacos shells, “turkeritos” comprised of rice, cheese, and beef (no turkey, oddly enough), and biscuits with jalapeño honey butter, firecracker vegetables, and gordita bread stuffing.

For dessert, guests had the privilege — yes, privilege! — of feasting on an updated version of the caramel apple empanada (This one was pumpkin-spiced). The final offering of the evening came in the form of chocolate churros with ancho chile ganache.

We don’t know about you, but this is sounding better all the time! In fact, we kinda’ wish we’d been on that guest list.

Perhaps they’ll be kind enough to share their recipes?

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(Photos via Taco Bell + Taco Bell + Joe Raedle/Getty)