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Paralympian and ‘DWTS’ Finalist Amy Purdy Shares Her Secret to Keeping Inspired

Since losing her legs at 19, Amy Purdy has ticked off all the major to-dos on her life’s bucket list.


Don’t Gag, But This Woman’s New Comic Will Convince You to Eat Bugs

This comic book challenges readers think mindfully about cuisine outside of Western culture.


This Pinterest Software Engineer Is a Tech Ambassador for Future Latina Coders

“It matters a lot to see someone that looks like you and is successful.”


This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Alejandra Campoverdi Wants to Make Sure Women of Color Are Included in the Conversation

This former Obama staffer is bringing breast cancer awareness to an overlooked and underserved community.

Womens Health

This Woke Herbalist Connects Women to Their Ancestry Through Plants

Sophia Rose says plants are medicine that our DNA can help us tap into.


NFL Network Host Kay Adams Loves an Underdog Story

“Sometimes you have to work twice as hard, but you’re better off for it.”


This Blogger Fits 2 Years’ Worth of Trash into a Jar — She Wants to Help You Go Zero-Waste, Too

The 27-year-old force behind Going Zero Waste wants to confront throwaway culture.


This Woman Founded One of the Largest LGBTQ+ Professional Events on Earth

Lesbians who tech is changing the face of an industry in dire need of diversity.


Singer Lights Reveals How Motherhood Helped Her Push Creative Boundaries

Having a child helped the 31-year-old artist take on a whole new challenge — and come to terms with her sexuality.


After Being Bullied So Badly She Got Death Threats, Aija Mayrock Wrote This Lifesaving Guide

After she was bullied for eight years, Aija Mayrock is hoping to change things for future generations.