Temporary tattoos are pretty awesome. They let you feel like a tough guy without actually hurting you, especially when you’re dealing with tattoos of dinosaurs, insects, and generic action heroes. So why not give those Easter eggs a little tattoo love? Turns out, it’s just as easy to put temporary tattoos on eggs as it is to put them on you!

 – temporary tattoos

– eggs

– water

– sponge

– dish towel

We went with tattoos of insects, action heroes, and dinosaurs. What can we say? We’re pumped for Jurassic Park 3D.

First thing to do is prep your tattoo and place it on your egg.

Use a small sponge to apply water to the back of the tattoo. Press all of the edges down firmly. Place a dish towel over the whole egg to keep the tattoo in place. Keep adding a little bit of water. Hold for 30 seconds.

Unpeel and reveal!

Feel free to cue up Eye of the Tiger right about now ;)

Create as many as you like! We went with a dozen.

Your workspace probably looks a bit like this right about now.

And now you’re done!

We’re loving the playful look of these eggs, even if the pterodactyl got cut in half…

Put them on ridiculous gold egg stands.

Carry them to work in a basket.

Or arrange them on a tree slice.

Whatever you do, have fun with them!

How are you decorating your Easter eggs this year? Tell us in the comments below.