So: Your Taurus pal is likely an awesome friend. It’s in their Taurus nature. We know you want to be just as good of a friend, and there’s no time like a birthday (ahem, April 20 through May 20) to make sure you deliver, amiright? Given what we know about Taurus tendencies, we know JUST what birthday gift to get them: a DIY Kit from our brand new collection, available exclusively at Target!

The best gift to get an artistic *and* practical friend? A DIY kit that helps them make custom creative projects — with everything they could possibly need included in the kit. Taurus peeps love working with their hands and giving their own creative POV to whatever they’re working on. What better stimulus for artistic expression than an adorable, sensible DIY kit?

Our DIY Kit Collection has tons of different projects for you and your friends to try your hands at — like metal stamped jewelry, embroidered wall art and gold foil totes, to name a few :) There really is something for everyone — beginners and DIY experts alike!

Need more convincing? Each of these kits were actually designed by a Taurus! Our very own Marianne Koo (who also rocked some rad Taurus makeup for our Zodiac Beauty series) is our resident kit designer and embodies *tons* of iconic Taurus qualities. If you don’t take my word for it, you should take hers ;)

What are you waiting for? Pick up your Taurus pal’s gift at Target or before they sell out!

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Production + Styling: Marianne Koo

Photography: Chris Andre