Yo, Tauren babes! We’re wishing you a very happy birthday, and applauding your celestial-deemed characteristics for allowing us to create a beauty look inspired by YOU in our series of zodiac sign makeup profiles. This edgy version of a traditional beauty look is a little different from the bold, dramatic Aquarius makeup tutorial. Follow along for a deeper dive into this fresh take on an otherwise classic makeup look inspired by our Taurus-born babes.


Taurus Beauty Profile


Our Tauren queens tend to follow and support a leader, with an eye toward the big picture. That being said, don’t expect her to necessarily do things the way she’s told — she’ll happily go along with the game plan, but only if she’s given the freedom to participate on her own terms. She’s the hard working, determined go-getter that rarely disappoints. Her signature quality is her patience, which is why she has no problem following the steps to apply fluttering false lashes laid over a soft smudgy eye and paired with a bold bitten lip!

Get the Look for Taurus: Subtly Smudged Cat Eye Paired With a Berry Bitten Bold Lip + Falsies for Days


Prep: Follow our flawless face tutorial to get your skin glowing and prepped for this look. Keep your blush bright but still natural looking.

Step 1 — Cat Eye + Smudge: Use a black eyeliner of your choice to draw on a slightly thicker cat eye. Before the eyeliner dries, use a small, firm eye shadow brush to blend a little deep black eyeshadow over the liner to create a slightly unkempt, smudgy effect.

Step 2 — Bold Bitten Berry Lips: For Marianne, we used a combination of a few colors to get this look. The trick isn’t the color as much as the application. To get this finish, apply your lipstick, wipe it off with a paper towel, then blot a little more on and finish by dabbing your finger over the lipstick to get that slightly worn, stained effect.

Step 3 — Falsie Fluttering Lashes: This look is ALL about those lashes, yo! Find a great pair at your local drugstore, cut to fit your eye shape and apply. Once the glue dries, add a coat of mascara to the base of your lashes to help blend with the falsies for a more natural look.

Finishing Touches — Get the Glow: Add a swipe of highlighter to your cheekbones, brow bones, inside corners of your nose, cupid’s bow and bridge of your nose. This will give you a radiant touch to top off this look.


There you have it — another successful zodiac look to pull from our bank of goodies when we need inspiration. Remember, this is all about learning to feel empowered, be playful and have fun with your makeup!

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Art Direction/Styling/Hair + Makeup: Misty Spinney

Photographer: Kurt Andre

Model: Marianne Koo