At 16 most of us were probably hanging out at the mall and awkwardly flirting with that cute boy in the food court. Tavi Gevinson, on the other hand, was running her own online magazine, had given a TED Talk and was a regular at Fashion Week. Now 19-years-old, the Chicago native just keeps adding to her list of achievements. She just wrapped up a super-successful stint on Broadway and more recently became an ambassador for iconic beauty brand, Clinique.


Tavi joins two other millennials, Margaret Zhang (creative director, blogger and law student) and Hannah Bronfman (a DJ, model and entrepreneur) in Clinique’s new campaign, #FaceForward. So far the brand has a page dedicated to Tavi, which features a brief Q&A and video with the original girl boss. Tavi also took to Instagram today to artfully share a few of her favorite picks from the brand (the Chubby Stick Lip Balm, Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion are two staples we spotted).

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If you’re ever in need of some super inspirational life advice, Tavi is your girl. But she’s also wise beyond her years when it comes to beauty tips. Here are a few of the best lessons she’s dished out in the past.

1. Match your makeup to your outfit. When NY Mag documented Tavi’s morning routine, she told them, “If I have an outfit that recalls a specific style or aesthetic, I feel like there is some weird inconsistency if my face is not also made-up — just in a weird, art-direct-y way. But if I’m wearing jeans and a sloppy T-shirt it feels silly to be made up. So I guess I’m just looking for some overall cohesiveness.

2. Don’t think about it too much. In a Q&A with Clinique, Tavi says “Sometimes it’s nice to just wear the stuff that makes you feel good, so then you can go about your day and put your energy into making other cool stuff.”

3. Go minimal. When Glamour asked Tavi what her favorite makeup look is she responded, “A strong brow, natural everywhere else.”

What’s one beauty rule you live by? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via @tavitulle and Clinique)