We seem to be heading into a time when everyone is embracing more natural beauty looks. Gone are the days when hair was sprayed to a crunchy death (it’s all about those #wokeuplikethis locks), when makeup was caked on (a tinted moisturized gives us that coveted barely-there coverage) and when eyebrows were practically tweezed out of existence. Now, the beauty set is focused on full brows, and we couldn’t be more excited that the trend seems to be sticking — we mean, we’re way past it being Cara Delevingne and everyone else. Today, you can find bold brow inspiration almost anywhere, from your local drugstore to the red carpet, where celebs like Lea Michele are making their eyebrows appear fuller, healthier and the star of their look. Here, we’re showing you how to fake a full brow you can wear daily with just four essential products. But first, some tips for growing and maintaining that healthy furrow.


(Photo via Valerie Macon/Getty)

Grow Em’


1. If you want to go with a natural remedy, try applying castor oil ($7) on your eyebrows as a part of your evening beauty regimen. Apply to your brows with a cotton swab before bed and let the magic happen while you sleep! Castor oil is basically the holy grail of natural hair growth. Pressed from the seeds of castor plant, castor oil contains ricinoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids that condition, strengthen and shine your hair (while you’re at it, you might just want to pour some on your main mane — it makes a super luxurious hair mask when mixed with yogurt). If you don’t have castor oil on hand, olive oil works too.

2. If you’re looking for a cosmetic alternative, try accelerating your eyebrow growth with a product like Talika Lipocils Eyebrow Conditioning Gel ($37), which is formulated to stimulate hair follicles with a plant-based extract, promising thicker and healthier brows after 28 days of twice daily application.

3. With your brow growth bumped up, you’ll need to maintain their shape more regularly. Check out this tutorial for two easy brow shaping hacks every girl should know.

Now let’s get you on the fast track to fuller brows! Cue the makeup:

Fake Em’


1. Use a clean brow wand to shape your brows by brushing them in the direction your hairs grow. Brushing them in this exaggerated fashion is the best way to lay the foundation for a fuller, natural-looking brow. Pro tip: Choose a brow wand that’s attached to an eyebrow brush like this Ardell Duo Brush ($6) to get the most bang for your buck.

2. This step may seem counterintuitive but I promise it is necessary: you want fuller brows but not unruly brows! Tweeze any stray hairs that are dramatically outside the natural shape of your eyebrows.

3. Warning: your brows are going to look over the top until you get through the rest of the steps, so stick with it. Fill in and thicken your eyebrows with a powder using the angled side of a duo brush. We like the Sephora Collection Eyebrow Editor Complete Brow Kit ($19). It comes in three different shades — great for all skin tones and hair colors — and even has all the brushes you need inside (just know that they are really short, and therefore more challenging to use, which is why we recommend you BYO above). For application, add a small amount of powder to your brush and apply it to your brows in elongated strokes (brush just above where your brows naturally end) in the direction that your hairs grow. I am using the powder for dark brown hair because I want the extra drama.

4. Use a brow gel like the one by Anastasia Beverly Hills ($22) to comb through your brows again. This will blend the powder in a more natural way, set the shape of your brows and keep them in place throughout the day. Be sure to stroke the hairs in the direction they are growing.

5. The Sephora Collection Eyebrow Editor Complete Brow Kit ($19) comes with a short eyebrow brush and an eyebrow wax — I used a little of the wax on that brush to blend my brows with the powder and piece out my hairs to make them appear more natural. If you don’t have a brow wax, you can use your brow gel on a brow brush to get the same emphasis.

6. To make your eyebrows stand out even more, use a concealer like Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat ($33) as a highlighter around your brows. Gently apply with the brush and blend in with your fingers being careful not to smudge any of the powder that you applied.


The result is a full, healthy looking brow that’s more pronounced but not too dramatic. It’s the perfect final touch to your everyday makeup routine.

What do you use to manage your brows? Tell us about your favorite above-the-eye products in the comments below.