What happens when you combine two of our favorite things? #TBT, GOLD edition, duh! For this bit of Throwback Thursday silliness, we’re going back to a truly golden decade time, filled with a good mix of scrunchies, gold diggers and, yes, Golden Girls.

1. The Spice Girls, in ALL GOLD: We’ll kick things off with a real life throwback — when the Spice Girls closed out the Olympics clad in all gold. So perfect.

2. Gold Digger: We know this isn’t that much of a throwback, but it takes us back to Kanye’s golden era.

3. The Golden Girls: Thank you for being a friend, a role model and the original cougar Ms. Devereaux.

4. Gold Scrunchie ($10): At a loss for how to rock a scrunchie? You’re in luck — we’ve got five ways to style it with your name on it!

5. Kerri Strug’s Gold Medal-Winning Ankle Injury: We’ll never forget the knight in shining armor that was Bela Karolyi after KStrug stuck the landing after what looked like a super painful ankle injury.

6. Gold Zippo Lighter ($24): There’s something ’90s about a lighter, right? Or was that just the questionable company I kept in the late ’90s…?

7. HYPERACTIVE Heeled Sandals ($141): Bring some ’90s style back with these shimmery nude platforms.

8. Street Fighter Necklace ($22): Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat? One of those existential questions only ’90s kids will understand.

9. Gold Yin Yang Earrings ($7): Never let go of the yin yang trend? Or down to bring it back? ;)

10. Mellow Gold by Beck: And finally, an old school track by Beck before he was, well, Beck! #imaloserbaby

What gold-themed throwbacks should we add to this list? Talk to us in the comments below.