There’s nothing quite like a cup of tea to warm you up on a brisk autumn afternoon. Crunching through the fallen leaves, snuggling up to our sweeties, and a hot cuppa are just a few of our favorite fall things. Fortunately, teapots are kind of killing it in the looks department. Here are a dozen teapots that double as home decor.

1. Heath Teapot ($196): We’ll kick it off with a classic. This beautiful aqua teapot is definitely an investment piece, and would make a great wedding gift.

2. Tartan Tea Set ($25): Like yourself a bit of plaid? We’re digging this twist on the traditional pattern.

3. Jansen+Co.’s My Teapot ($64): Love the color blocking look here!

4. Mid-Century Yellow Enamel Teapot ($33): We love trolling Etsy for unique vintage finds, and this mid-century teapot is a keeper.

5. Staub La Theiere Round Teapot ($150): I may or may not have a thing for classic aqua teapots… But for real, this cast iron piece is the kind of teapot you can pass down through generations.

6. Hello… ($58): Is it tea you’re looking for? We actually met Lionel Richie at the Brit + Co. Halloween party and he won our costume contest! :)

7. Classic Marimekko Teapot ($98): You can never go wrong with a graphic Marimekko print. This would look adorable on a bookshelf.

8. Beehouse Round Teapot ($27): Okay, we kind of want all of these teapots for Brit HQ. Too much?

9. Alessi Fruit Basket Teapot ($256): This pricey option almost looks sculptural in its simplicity.

10. London Calling Tea-for-One ($16): Calling all anglophiles! This teapot and teacup set is our favorite on the list.

11. Stoneware Teapot ($168): This beautiful piece totally belongs in an art gallery’s kitchenette.

12. Pantone Teapot ($28): And finally, our old friend Pantone. We just can’t get enough of those color chips!

Are you a tea drinker or a coffee addict? Tell us in the comments below.