Succulents? Love ‘em. Moss? We want to touch it all the time. Scouring flea markets for vintage glass vessels? We do it on a weekly basis. Let’s just say we’re slightly pumped that the 1970s terrarium fad is back on the scene. You’ve probably seen the little lovelies sitting at the hippest stores abound town… with a pretty price tag attached to them. There’s no reasons to shell out the big bucks. Just make your own. Not sure where to start? Well, we are, and here are 21 DIY tutorials to send you on your way to becoming a pro dome gardener.

1. Colorful Sand: It’s probably pretty obvious what we like about this terrarium. It’s a welcome departure from the subtle setups that you usually find sitting behind the glass. (via Kelly Christine)

2. Candy Jar Terrarium: We love the look of old school apothecary jars, and you can totally get the same look with this jar… via Amazon. Yep! (via Brit + Co.)

3. Placeholder: What’s that you say? You’re making all your wedding guests place cards that double as the best favor on earth?! Umm, how can we get on your guest list? (via Green Wedding Shoes)

4. Pendant Lamps: Hells to the yes. Finally, someone came up with another use for terrariums other than letting them just hang out and look pretty. Be sure to use a low-wattage light bulb. Otherwise, you’ll roast your moss! (via Autumn Workshop)

5. Necklace: And because you love terrariums so much, you must always be near one. If this is the case, we’d hate for you to carry around one of those bulky cookie-jar varieties, so here’s a mini version you can simply hang around your neck. (via Ecouterre)

6. Teacup: We’re not 100 percent sure it constitutes a proper terrarium, but we are 100 percent sure that your next Mad-Hatter-themed tea party needs a few of them. (via College Life DIY)

7. Maple Syrup Jar: Holy cute overload! It’s a miracle what a red plastic top and a mini red mushroom can do for a little moss. (via Poetic Home)

8. Wall Garden: We were never massive fans of the magnetic spice rack… until now. (via Ruffled)

9. Light Bulb: You really have to want to see plants in a light bulb to embark on this DIY. It isn’t easy, but once done, you’ll have a conversation piece for life. (via The Hipster Home)

10. Geodesic ($147): This Restoration Hardware looker is one to turn into a not-so-secret garden. Just add orchids!

11. Golden Spiral: The most elegant tutorial on our list, it uses a nautilus, meaning sailors and math nerds alike are drooling right now. (via Make)

12. Morbid Mashup: Alright, it’s actually supposed to be for Halloween, but if you really love skulls and Edgar Allen Poe everything, we’re sure you can see this fitting into your everyday life. Got a serving tray and mason jars? You’re nearly set. Got ravens and skulls laying around? Creepy. (via Today’s Creative Blog)

13. One Hour DIY: If you’re short on time, this project is for you. We’re especially keen on the incorporation of the purple succulent. So pretty! (via Saved By Love Creations)

14. Orb: When you can’t be bothered to procure you own plants and container, take a class and get gardening. (via Sunshine and Succulents)

15. Display Inspiration: By now you’re wondering how you should showcase all those little wonders you’ve been making. Here’s what we would shoot for. (via Warby Parker Class Trip)

16. Moss Only: If your thumb is more black than green, go for moss. It’s nearly impossible to kill… if you do kill it, please never get a puppy. (via Please Note)

17. Mason Jar Herb Garden: This might not be the type of thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “terrarium,” but we don’t care. It is glorious. (via Camille Styles)

18. Neverending Terrarium: What!? You killed your moss terrarium. Yikes. Here’s your last stop on the cute-things train. Please be careful. (via Intimate Weddings)

19. Faux Real: And another one for those of you who have a hard time keeping plants alive. We’re totally digging the incorporation of the cake dome. (via Gimme Some Style)

20. Twig and Lady Kit ($45): No need to make a trip to your local nursery. This kit has foraged everything for you. Including a little lady inhabitant.

21. Repurposed Pitcher: You thought a pitcher was a kitchen essential, but really, it mostly just sits empty. Put it to use as your new favorite planter, and let the compliments pour forth. (via All Sorts of Pretty)

Doing some indoor gardening of your own? Let us know in the comments below!