Terrariums are soo hot right now. And while we love ’em, we also like having terrariums that serve more than one function. So of course, we hacked the ever-popular terrarium. We decided to make one that not only includes edible plants, but also serves as a beautiful centerpiece! It can also act as a fresh herb garden for guests who want their rosemary straight from the “garden” ;) What’s even more amazing is that this terrarium is super easy to make, yet still manages to look lush and beautiful. Ready to start planting?


-Herbs (Ask your nursery owner for the low maintenance herbs. We used rosemary, oregano, thyme, and chives.)



-Decorative rocks

-Decorative toys (ours were erasers!)

-Large bowl

First, put a thick layer (2-3″) of charcoal in the bottom of the bowl. Charcoal is an essential ingredient in the terrarium so that excess water can drain. Next, top off with at least three inches of soil. You want a layer thick enough to hide the roots of your herbs.

Take out the herb from its original planter. If your herb is bottom heavy, remove some soil — you don’t want it to stick up too much. We removed a lot of the soil from our herbs so it would sit deeper in the bowl.

Now, start planting your herbs. Use your hands or a small shovel to make little pits in the soil for your herb roots to rest in. Then, gently put soil on top to blend in the herbs. Pat gently so the herbs are firmly entrenched in the soil.

You can see that the soil doesn’t have to be completely flat. What’s great about the terrarium is that it shines when it looks slightly messy… kind of like a great up-do ;)

Here comes the artsy part. Now that the plants are in the soil, you can begin to decorate. This is a great way to make your terrarium special and show your personality. Try adding some decorative rocks… or in our case, small cuts of pencil erasers.

Little toys work great, too. We used these adorable sushi and dessert erasers since we were planning on using the terrarium as a centerpiece for our dining table.

All done! You can see that we put some pretty thick layers of charcoal and soil on the bottom.

That ice cream sandwich and nigiri is making us a little hungry…

Surprise! There’s an ice cream cone too! These cute little toys will definitely get the dinner guests chatting.

What types of things would you add to your own terrarium? Let us know in the comments below or find us on Facebook or Twitter.