You know what your gallery wall needs? It needs a little diversity. Frames are fine and dandy, but if you plug in textiles to your collection, you’re taking your interior expertise to a whole new level. And we’re here to steer you in the right direction when it comes to adding the softer side of art to your walls.

1. Cocoon Fabric Art: Let’s start with some epic news: There’s finally a company totally dedicated to producing limited edition fabric wall hangings. (via Northern Design Awards)

2. Southwestern Tapestry: This is testament to the treasures waiting for you on eBay. (via The Brick House)

3. Navajo: Things are not always as they seem. This Navajo rug? It’s actually a wall hanging… which is actually a headboard. (via At Home in Love)

4. Trillby Nelson: Miss Nelson has created displays for the likes of Anthropolgie and Free People, which kind of explains this. (via Design Love Fest)

5. Covered Canvas: Rather than going out and buying a new stretched canvas, simply reuse an old ugly painting and cover it with the fabric of your choosing. (via Dwellings by Devore)

6. Woven Tapestries: Maryanne Moodie is from Melbourne. Maryanne Moodie is a maker. Maryanne Moodie has master the mini loom. These are Maryanne Moodie’s masterpieces. (via The Design Files)

7. Embroidery Hoops: There are some beautiful fabrics out there… that we have no idea what to do with. This is a good way to display all the scraps you’ve found though your fabric store escapades. (via Apartment Therapy)

8. Harlequin: Crocheting is not reserved for your 90-year-old grandmother. (via Lebenslustiger)

9. Marimekko Tuuli ($333): As if we thought Marimekko’s fabrics were anything less than art.

10. Fuzzy Wuzzy: Blogger extraordinaire Adam Pogue originally created this piece as a knotted fleece rug, and it’s as inspiring as his Downtown LA pad is. (via Old Brand New)

11. Chunky Goldenrod: And another one from Mr. Pogue’s apartment, because. He knows what he’s doing in the interiors department. (via Old Brand New)

12. DIY Geometric: Stamp your way to greatness. (via Design Sponge)

13. Pyramid ($855): It was hard for us to decide just which of Native Line’s incredible wall hangings to show you. Then we remember, go big or go home. So here it is, there grandaddy creation. There’s even some copper wire in there for those of you who like a good materials mashup.

14. Yarn Banner: You probably recognize this looker. We’ve featured it before, and we’re featuring it again. Mainly because you can have one in your home. That’s right. There’s a tutorial to take you there. (via Creative Bug)

15. All Roads ($355): What do you get when a master carpenter and a fabric sourcer for Anthro get together? ART!

16. Platform Popup Installation: Speechless. (via Justina Blakeney)

17. Brook and Lyn ($800): We’re all about husband-and-wife makers. And Mimi Jung and Brian Hurewitz are a power couple when it comes to woven wall art.

18. Boucherouite: It case it’s not clear by now, hanging rugs on walls is the best idea ever. (via Fossik)

Found the fairest textile of the wall? Let us know in the comments below!