The best things around the holidays are the things that are comforting and familiar. To be surrounded by friends, family, tradition and good food is the best part of the season. So, in the spirit of all things warm and cozy, we rounded up six of the best Thanksgiving episodes from our favorite TV shows. Whether you’re into old-school Full House shenanigans or the modern mishaps of Modern Family, these are the six shows that will make you laugh through all the (inevitable) holiday mishaps this weekend.

1. Full House on Amazon: We look back at season one of Full House with fond memories — mostly for this iconic episode wherein Joey constantly announces the arrival of “the miracle *cue trumpet sound* of Thanksgiving. “It’s not about how good the dinner turns out; it’s the fact that you even tried to roast a turkey. (Photo via Warner Bros.)


2. Boy Meets World on Amazon: After learning about tribal prejudice in Africa, Cory and Shawn decide to combine family celebrations of Thanksgiving. The result is a touching but, of course, funny take on how different families celebrate in different ways. Reaching across the table is the new reaching across the aisle. (Photo via ABC)


3. Friends on Netflix: You didn’t think we’d make it through this list without mentioning this episode, did you? It’s the one where the gang relives terrible Thanksgivings of the past and Monica somehow gets a turkey on her head. Classic. (Photo via NBC)


4. How I Met Your Mother on Netflix: Everything Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to honor tradition. Our favorite tradition? Slapsgiving from HIMYM. The episode that started it all — and forever struck fear into Barney’s heart — is our favorite Thanksgiving episode from the nine-season run. (Photo via CBS)


5. Modern Family on Amazon: It’s always nice when people pitch in and offer to help, but it can be impossible to know whether or not they’ll follow through. This hysterical holiday episode of Modern Family sees the clan end up *somehow* with three turkeys at the Thanksgiving table. At least there’s plenty of leftovers… (Photo via FOX)


6. Gilmore Girls on Netflix: If you’re overbooked this Thanksgiving, just consider Lorelai and Rory, who celebrated four Thanksgivings in one day. Of course things go wrong, as they do with everybody’s Thanksgiving. It’s probably one of the most relatable episodes around holiday time. (Photo via Warner Bros.)


Any we missed? Let us know your favorite Thanksgiving episodes @BritandCo!