From gettin’ eggy with it all week long to celebrating the start of spring, this week’s been a solid one here at Brit HQ. Of course, there are always those gems we come across that just don’t fit into a proper post. Hope you enjoy this week’s dose of the BritList!

1. 1890s Problems: Definitely our favorite recent find on Twitter, folks in the 1890s definitely had it rough.

2. Charm City Babies: More baby onesies! We’re loving Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish and Eat. Sleep. Rock. Repeat.

3. Chicks, Girls in Peep Form: The chicks at the center of our tale are Hannah (yellow), Shoshanna (pink), Jessa (purple), and Marnie (blue).

4. Temporary Talking Hand Tattoos: Um, how creepy are these? Available in Dragon Hands, Animal Hands, Robot  Hands, and Dino Hands.

5. Illustrated Menswear Dictionary: This might be our favorite article by GQ ever! Loving all of the gorgeous illustrations.

6. Timed Ring: We’ve seen ring watches before but this sleek design is definitely worth a second look. Each ring within the ring rotates with the time, like hands on a watch.

7. Clarks x Eley Kishimoto Collection: Can you say pattern swoon?!

8. Buddy Bumper Ball: The most recent request from the engineering department here at Brit + Co, these buddy bumper balls would promote an interesting take on team bonding.

9. Colour-In-Dress: It’s a coloring book that you can wear! We might need to create our own take on this totally awesome dress. Maybe Spoonflower can help?

10. Stella Easter Eggs: Finally, we’ve got Stella McCartney’s take on Easter egg madness. Design your own adorable digital easter eggs using playful ears, mustaches, sunglasses, and more. So cute.

What’s the best thing you’ve seen online this week? Tell us in the comments below.