We’re still recovering from the awesomeness of Re:Make Austin up in here, and now we’ve even got a brand new category! If you didn’t catch the memo yesterday, we’ve officially launched Brit Kids, a category dedicated to creative mamas and their little ones. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have time for the random, the strange and the burrito-esque… ;)

1. Classic Love Scenes Improved by a Burrito: This might be the best love scene mashup we’ve ever seen. Oh Chipotle, you shouldn’t have.

2. Keon V1: This 3D printed key is designed to hold your house key when you go for a run. Genius!

3. Neon Balls ($12): Love these summery day-glo sports balls (sports balls? Is that the term?) being peddled by Urban Outfitters.

4. No.Superhero: In Norwegian photographer Ole Marius Jørgensen’s beautiful images, he imagines what it would be like if Superman was a regular person trying to fly.

5. Balloon Chair: How awesome is this? It’s a wall-mounted chair that looks like a floating one. So cute.

6. Hanabunko Book Vase ($37): Now this is brilliant. It’s a vase shaped like a book to add a bit of life to your bookshelf.

7. Sandwich Coasters ($9): Mostly I think these would be awesome photo props for a picnic-inspired photo shoot ;)

8. One Perfect Shot: This visual Twitter feed is dedicated to cinema’s most perfect shots. We particularly love this snap from Raising Arizona, featuring one of our faves, Nic Cage.

9. If Food Were More Blunt: This series by David Olenick is all about the truths your food should be telling you. You should text him.

10. Spring’s Most Mesmerizing Ball Gowns: Obsessing over this pictorial featured on Vogue.com, depicting spring’s most beautiful ball gowns.

11. Printable Mother’s Day Banner: Need some last minute Mother’s Day help? Print out this banner and you’ll be the favorite in an instant.

12. Michael Jackson’s “New” Song Performed by Usher: And finally, a video featuring Michael Jackson’s new single, as performed by a hologram + Usher at the I Heart Radio Music Awards. The dancing Michaels give us the chills, and make us miss the King of Pop.

What did you see and share on the Internet this week? Talk to us in the comments below.