We’re definitely in party mode here at Brit HQ this week, from 30 Ways to Rock the 4th to Creative Invitations with a batch of John Daly Jello Shots in between. Of course, we’ve always got room for a solid collection of randomness in the form of your Friday favorite, the BritList.

1. My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter: With imaginary daughters named Quinoa and Chevron and an entire photo album on Pinterest, Tiffany Beveridge is hands down our new favorite pinner.

2. Girl Scouts Cookies Coffee-Mate: Next up, Girl Scouts need their caffeine too! If you can’t get enough of the cookies, go for the creamer.

3. Handmade Guinea Pig Helmet + Armor: Oh eBay, you’ve really outdone yourself with this offering. For just $24,400, this handmade coat of armor can be all yours. (See also: Guinea Pig Sleeping Bags.)

4. Baguette Bag: It’s a bag for your baguette, and it is a very serious accessory.

5. 40 Pounds of Lucky Charm Marshmallows: Amazon is an endless treasure trove of unexpectedness, and this 40 LB bag of dehydrated marshmallows is our latest delicious find.

6. The Periodic Table of the Muppets: We love these simplicity of eyes and color on this periodic table.

7. Computer Game Condoms: Time to play? This conceptual condom wrapper just might make your nerdy dreams come true.

8. 3D Printed Mini Eames Chair: Now you can 3D print iconic furniture… in miniature!

9. Beautiful Illustrations of Iconic Glasses: Gotta love the minimalism of Mr. Jobs.

10. Girl Meets World Update: Remember that news about Boy Meets World coming back as Girl Meets World? New photos have emerged. The brunette is Miss Riley Matthews, daughter of Topanga and Corey. Wow.

11. Privacy Pop: It’s a pop up privacy tent for napping, reading gossip mags, and the like.

12. Soft Sound Speaker Pillows: Finally, yet another innovation in the world of rocking out… this time in bed! Wait, what? Okay that sounded way more racy than it should. Pillows with speakers. Over and out.

What fun and unusual things have you bookmarked online this week? Tell us in the comments below.