Peeps, next weekend is the 4th of July. Can you believe it? It’s like the midpoint of summer, and summer only just began! We’re sweating red, white and blue around these parts in preparation, and can’t wait to share a brand new bevy of epic cakes, popsicles and more next week.

Until then, let’s take today to celebrate National Sunglasses Day! Yep, that’s a real holiday and we’re doing more than just celebrating by wearing our sunglasses all day and all night. We’re giving away a pair of handcrafted wooden sunglasses (see below!) to one very special reader. Head on over to @britandco on Instagram for a chance to win.

1. Hardwood Sunnies by Capital Eyewear ($145 and up): These are the very sunglasses we are giving away. Well… they’re the same but don’t worry, we’re not stealing shade from @turkeytemps. Each pair of sunglasses is handmade here in California, and all of them are super fly.

2. Grillography: An entire typeface created out of grilled items? Your summer party invites just got a whole lot tastier.

3. Kyle Beckerman’s Engagement Photos: You’ve seen him. You’ve swooned over him. And you’ve wondered about his story. Well, it turns out that dreadlocked World Cup hottie Kyle Beckerman is just as cheesy when taking engagement photos as everyone else. (h/t The Cut)

4. A Food Truck for Dogs: To be honest, we’re surprised this didn’t happen sooner. This food truck is hitting the road, and everything is (sorry we had to) literally going to the dogs. They’ll be in SF this weekend!

5. Boh Tea Bags: These tea bags start as angry, fiery or stressful objects and turn into tranquil version of those things as they steep. Such a cool visual treatment of something we drink every day. (h/t FoodBeast)

6. Lonehood ($25): Turn any shirt, jacket or bikini top (wait, wtf?!) into a hoodie with… Lonehood.

7. Nanoblock Sunglasses ($44): As if we’d let a BritList go by without a new LEGO-inspired product ;)

8. 17 Things You Can Do With Doll Heads: Buzzfeed, we love you. We love that you are just as creeped out by the proliferation of Doll Head DIY goods on Etsy as we are. The ring above is the least offensive item, so go ahead and click through for instant chills.

9. IN EXTREMIS: Splat! This photo series is all about staging faux falls in colorful environments.

10. Americana Mason Sippers ($24 for 12): This sipper set includes straws, daisy cut lids and metallic firecracker picks and is a must for summer parties.

11. Giant Paint Brush: It’s a giant paint brush. It is absurd, and we have no idea why it is resting on this chick’s foot.

12. The Making of a Steinway Grand Piano from Start to Finish: And finally, a masterpiece in the making. Enjoy!

What’s the weirdest, most creative or funniest thing you’ve seen online this week? Share a link with us in the comments below.