Happy first day of August! The summer has seriously flown by, but for us SFers, that means Karl the Fog is just a few weeks away from giving us a break and sending us into our Indian summer. We hope you enjoy this past week of ice cream awesomeness, but now it’s time for some randomness :)

1. Paper Plants: Can’t take care of real life plants? Go for these gorgeous paper ones instead. Their whimsical nature might make you question whether or not they need to be watered.

2. DIY Modern Cooler: Created by Molly at Almost Makes Perfect, this is the best cooler upgrade we’ve ever seen. Who knew coolers could be chic?

3. Do Something Awesome ($16): This makes for a great first item on your daily to do list.

4. The Cats House: This entire house was remodeled specifically for CATS. How crazy is that? But also kind of amazingly creative and colorful!

5. Camelflage Series: No, this is not the first time you’ve seen the term camelflage on our site. But we definitely favor this photo series over that strange undergarment innovation.

6. The Beloved Bears of Pop Culture: From Ted to the Coca Cola polar bears, bears have definitely been well-loved over the years, and also well-feared.

7. Caramel Covered Marshmallows ($18): Uhhhh, what? Stop drooling already!

8. The Biggest Yarn Bomb EVER: You thought yarn bombing a bike was cool? How about an entire AIRPLANE?!

9. Spagghetieis: No, we are not bad at spelling and boring at finding unusual things. This spaghetti like thing is actually ice cream that looks like spaghetti. Weird!

10. 12 Chairs Print ($28): Finally, a gorgeous and gestural ode to furniture design in the form of chairs.

What’s the most creative thing you’ve seen online this week? Share links with us over on Twitter.