What would a week devoted to rainbows and color be without a little yarn bomb action? Also known as guerrilla knitting, urban knitting, and graffiti knitting, this little act of infusing yarn-based color into the everyday is totally our jam. Here are 15 examples of yarn bombing that tug at our color-obsessed heartstrings.

1. iPayphone: Any play on a DIY iPhone is a win in our book.

2. R2D2 Hydrant: Star Wars love!

3. Wall Street Bull: There’s some prime punnery here.

4. White Crocheted Tree: Who knew yarn bombs could be bridal?

5. No Parking: Love this ode to the worst signs you can encounter when parking in a city.

6. Manhole Cover: I think the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would appreciate this.

7. Shopping Cart: You never thought a shopping cart could look handmade, did you?

8. Leg Warmers for Statues: The 80s is here, and here to stay.

9. Stairs: Stay tuned for our hack on how to make ugly carpeted stairs pretty!

10. Plant Bombing: We didn’t think succulents could get sweeter.

11. Rocking Horse: A more colorful, friendlier rocking horse for your kids’ room? We’re in.

12. Bicycle: I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my (knitted) bike.

13. London Phone Booth: Ello? Did you say Hello? No I say ello but that’s close enough! (Image © Knit the City)

14. Bike Parking: Parking your bike never looked so good.

15. Potholes: This is a super sweet way to fill in those pesky potholes.

Have you seen any acts of guerrilla knitting pop up in your neighborhood? Share photos with us via Facebook or Twitter!