How is it already Friday? With yesterday’s big sale announcement going on in the shop (hello Brit Kits discounts!), we’re in full holiday mode here at Brit + Co. From glittery mousepads to bottled cocktails, we’re continuing our trend of making old school basics new school creative. And now it’s time for the BritList.

1. Transparent Tent: If you’re camping in a secluded location, the rotation between the great outdoors and your tent can be a bore. The transparent tent combines the two and is large enough to fit a full bed!

2. Shortbread House: One of our readers sent this gorgeous Shortbread House in! Love the rock candy trees at the entrance.

3. Blow Monkey Nail Dryer: Are our nails ever dry? Now they will be with this ridiculously adorable monkey.

4. “Sexy” Geek Fashion: Wait, what? Definitely on the love-hate line here but the Tetris skirt is awesome.

5. Edible Jello Cups: Cousin to our chocolate shot glasses, these cups are edible!

6. Retro Wooden Tech Objects: Love, love, love. The iPhone case is cool but we’re really jamming on the miniature representations of a boom box, keyboard, and typewriter.

7. Floppy Table: First, we swooned over a Nintendo controller table that actually works. Then a table that looks just like a cassette and a foosball coffee table. Today? The Floppy Table! Best of all, the silver part slides to reveal a secret compartment. Clever.

8. Women’s Bike Fashion: Biking as a dame isn’t always the most fashionable affair. Sure you can wear bike shorts or spandex under your skirt, but then you have the awkward task of needing to change when you get to your destination. This Kickstarter project is all about fashionable duds for the biking gal.

9. Colored Pencil Subscription: Described as a time-release of inspiration and color, Felissimo delivers a set of 25 colors to your door each month for 20 months. And they have AWESOME wall display cases. Want!

10. Soma All-Natural Water Filter: When’s the last time you changed your Brita filter? You know those weird black spots that freak you out? They are definitely not cool. Not to mention not being the most attractive water receptacle around. For the eco-chic generation, we’re pumped to share the launch of Soma, a glass carafe with a 100 percent compostable filter that actually looks good. Plus, they send you filters every two months so you’ll be sure to change it up! Love it.

11. Shopilly: You know we’re all about new ways of tidying up our inboxes. Well there’s a new kid on the block, and this one is all about shopping! Shopilly takes all of your shopping subscriptions and transforms them into a visual inbox. Select new brands to follow, and easily find sales and offers anytime you’re in the mood to “window shop” online. We dig it.

12. Chloe + Isabel: Fancy yourself a fashionista? Show your chops by hosting your own holiday trunk show with items from Chloe + Isabel’s festive jewelry collection. Kind of like a Mary Kay for bold, bright baubles, this company is definitely bringing a new flavor to the online store going pop-up shop. And, we happen to love their, you guessed it, statement necklaces.

What cool finds have you stumbled across this week online? Share links with us in the comments below.