Recovering from a week of holiday parties? Us too. And this weekend is sure to be a doozy. But it’s Friday (Friday, gotta get down on Friday) and that is always a reason to celebrate. Happy BritList day.

1. The Keyboard Waffle Iron: In case you missed it we have a brand new Kickstarter crush. The keyboard waffle iron does what nature always intended: makes keyboard-shaped waffles, duh. A pledge of $60 will you get on the early bird list.

2. Diamond Octopus Ring: All our editorial team wants for Christmas is this baller Octopus ring.

3. DIY Photo Gift Tags: Scrambling to come up with personalized gift tags and wrap? Turn photos into tags in a jiffy!

4. Menorasaurus Rex ($85): Also known as the best menorah we have EVER seen.

5. Shoelace Lamps: Made using reclaimed shoelaces from Camper shoe stores, these lampshades are made by tying laces side by side on a metal lamp frame. Seems like a DIY is most definitely in order.

6. Hand-Lettering Basics E-Class: Get the ultimate crash course in hand-lettering in less than an hour. Learn to hold your pen, and to create letters, strokes and ligatures. By the end of the class, you’ll have your own custom greeting cards and a cake topper. Your holiday cards just got turned up to 11.

7. 360 Shelf: This playful shelf toys with the idea of turning storage into wall art. Angle the shelf however you like once it’s installed, and use it for both utility and beauty.

8. LED Glitter Christmas Tree Shades ($8): Missed the boat on getting these killer shades a couple weeks ago? They are BACK in stock and still ship by Christmas if you order today!

9. Frameworks One: This Kickstarter project turns your photos into glowing works of art, powered by an illuminated frame.

10. Christmas Character Headband Pack ($17): Order this pack of headbands and you will definitely win the Instagram Christmas game. And yes, Instagram IS a game one can win.

11. MOO Launches Letterpress Business Cards: This. Is. AMAZING. You can now order letterpress business cards via Moo!

12. Gift Wrap Photo Booth: Want to make sure you get the best holiday photos ever? Set up a quick and easy backdrop made of gift wrap and you’ll be all set.

Happy holidays!