If you’re vowing to make 2015 the year you turn your kick-ass idea into reality, grab some inspiration from these inventors who are generating a ton of buzz through their Kickstarter campaigns. From a girl power coloring book to a documentary promoting some much needed social change, these projects definitely deserve your attention. Scope ’em out, fund your faves and then get to planning your own big idea.

1. Men’s Overalls That Actually Look Good: While Kylie Jenner and Rihanna have already convinced us that overalls are a chic look for women, this Kickstarter campaign is legit enough to get men on the bandwagon too. Featuring tailored cuts and high-quality fabric, it’ll be hard for men to turn down a fashion look this flattering.

2. The Perfect Smartphone Accessory for Work: See your text messages as soon as you get them, without your coworkers ever hearing your phone vibrate. This smart phone dock, which also works for tablets, iPhones and Android devices, props your phone up right by your monitor. Hey, your texts are just as important as your emails.

3. A Living Christmas Ornament: This Christmas ornament has an actual living tree inside it! Okay, so they’re really small trees, but we think they’re still pretty awesome. Hanging a tree on your tree? That’s so meta.

4. A Coloring Book for Modern Princesses: Almost every little girl wants to be a princess, but that doesn’t mean she can’t also go on fun adventures, like sky diving or opening up art galleries. Being a #girlboss is so much cooler than being a damsel in distress.


5. A Dance Class for Orphans: Help launch an amazing opportunity for orphans in India by funding Movement Exchange. The dance teacher heading this project empowers youth and encourages civic engagement through dance classes. After successfully launching a similar program in Panama, she’s ready to transform lives in India as well.


6. Keyboard Waffle Maker: Let’s hope this project gets funded ASAP, because it’s a pretty sweet gift for your favorite tech geek. This clever waffle iron will have you wishing for sticky, syrup-covered keys.

7. Razor Stand and Toothbrush Holder: Some ideas are so smart, they leave you wondering how you didn’t come up with it first. Behold the toothbrush holder, which simply stands your toothbrush up. No more haphazardly leaning it next to the sink or in a cup with slimy residue. The stand is also compatible with your razor, so it can join the sink party too.


8. A Birchbox-Esque Kit for Kids: Beauty addicts have Birchbox and fashion addicts have Le Tote. If this project gets funded, now kids can have Bitsbox. Each month, the subscription box promises to deliver a new coding project for kids to work on. Since its inventors know kids are just as tablet and phone obsessed as we are, the projects are linked to apps which run on real devices.


9. The Ultimate Silk Blouse: Silk shirts are amazing, except for one thing: They’re often sheer and can accidentally show off your bra (and your sweat stains… yuck!). This new silk blouse uses a thicker fabric and promises to solve that whole see-through problem all together. Sheer genius, right? (Sorry, we had to.)

10. A Snowflake Toy for Adults: Graduate student Douglas Liang created Snow Link as a way for adults to put down their tech devices and explore their creative sides. His goal is for family members or friends to play together, using the sheer panels to create a beautifully crafted snowflake. It’s a game and an art piece in one.


11. I Am What’s Underneath: Created by a fab mother-daughter duo, this Kickstarter campaign aims to fund StyleLikeU, a documentary that redefines beauty and explores new ways of self-empowerment. Full of raw and honest interviews of men and women who strip down and talk about their struggles with body image, this moving film will inspire anyone who has ever felt left out of the beauty world.

Would you fund any of these ideas? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!