Did you go crazy buying wrapping paper this year like we did? Yeah? How could we help ourselves when there were so many amazing patterns and colors? Well, we’ve got a great way for you to use some of the leftover wrap that you love so much. We’re working with Hallmark to create a last-minute photo booth for your holiday shindig. Not only can you make a backdrop, but you can also make props out of your gift-wrapping goodies. We created a paper flower crown out of tissue paper and some ‘staches and hats out of wrapping paper, and we want to share our techniques with you! Have a look.


 – Hallmark wrapping paper

– Hallmark tissue paper

– Hallmark snowflake garland


– wire cutters

– washi tape

– Scotch tape

– artistic wire

– wooden dowels

– metal hoop


Tissue Paper Flower Crown

We made four different flowers plus some cute little leaves for this gorgeous crown. The first one is a classic paper flower reminiscent of a carnation. The technique is super easy and the resulting flower adorable.


Cut out four rectangles from your tissue paper. Neatly stack them and then accordion fold the pile. Round the edges by cutting a half circle at each end.


Snip a small piece of artistic wire and wrap it around the center of your folded tissue paper. Then, separate the layers of tissue paper to create your flower.


Next up we’ve got a small fringe flower. We made it with this chic black and white striped tissue paper from Hallmark. Definitely a new favorite.


Cut out four small rectangles. Layer them and accordion fold the paper just like you did for the flower above. This time, instead of rounding the ends, make tiny cuts creating fringe.


Wrap your folded tissue paper with a small piece of wire and pull each layer of tissue paper apart to define your flower. So cute!


Now we’re going to make a paper ranunculus using the same method we outlined when we made a ranunculi paper flower crown.


First we’ll make the stamen. Cut two small rectangles out of your tissue paper. Then cut a piece of wire approximately six inches long. Fold it in half. Then crumple one of your tissue paper rectangles into a ball and place it on the folded end of the wire. Cut a second piece of wire about an inch and a half in length. Cover the ball of tissue paper with your second rectangle, and secure it with your small piece of wire.


Moving on to the petals: Cut a thin piece of tissue paper about a foot and a half long by two inches wide. Fold it in half and then in half again. Keep folding until your paper is one inch wide. Round the top by trimming one edge. Unfold your paper and lay it on your table. Take your stamen, and place it on one end of the tissue paper. Start rolling the tissue paper around it, pinching the bottom of the flower around the stem as you go. Allow for the petals to flare but keep the base nice and tight around the wire.


Once you finish, cut a small piece of wire and wrap it around the bottom of the bloom.



Our final flower has sharper petals and a fun fringe center. Check it out.


Follow the instructions for the first flower by cutting out four rectangles of tissue paper and stacking them. Then, get a different color tissue paper and cut out one rectangle. It should be shorter than the others. Create fringe on both ends of the rectangle by making little snips, just don’t cut too close to the center! Start your accordion fold and place the fringe piece on top with the fringe ends parallel to the folds when you get to the center. Now trim the ends of your rectangle, cutting a triangular tip on each side.

Cut a small piece of wire and wrap it around your tissue paper. Separate the layers starting with the fringe, taking extra care not to rip the tissue paper.


Love this!

Now for the leaves!


Cut out leaves from your green tissue paper. Then snip a piece of wire about 6 inches long. Fold it in half like you did for the stamen. Place it on top of the leaf and add a piece of tape. Trim the edges and you’re done!


Now you’ve got everything you need to make your crown. Let’s do it.


To make your wreath, wrap the wire flowers and leaves around your metal hoop, arranging them so that they completely cover the hoop.


We can’t get enough of this head wreath!


Wrapping Paper Props

Another fun way to use your gift wrap is to create props.


We cut out a mustache, a Santa beard and a hat. Tape a dowel or popsicle stick to the back. That’s it!

Photo Booth

The last step of this project is to put your paper and garland on the wall.


Simply tape your paper to the wall and then adhere the garland on top.


Hop in there with your buds and snap away!


Stripes on stripes on stripes. It’s like holiday camouflage.

What do you like to do with your leftover gift wrap? Tell us in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration with Hallmark.