It’s finally HALLOWEEN! And for this extra special edition of the BritList, we are here to wish you a very happy Hallow-meme! That’s right. It’s MEME time — just don’t blame us if this inspires you to completely change your costume at the last minute ;)

1. Grumpy Cat: First up, the meme of all memes: Grumpy Cat. This chick perfected the makeup for this costume, and that signature frown of grumpiness. So good. (costume via @sugarpill)

2. Sad Keanu: This dude is ON point! The posture, the facial hair, the sadness — it’s all there, and it’s beautiful. (costume via Sad Keanu)

3. Double Rainbow: If you don’t know what this is in reference to, we’d like to introduce you to our very good friend: The FREAKING INTERNET! (costume via Twisted Sifter)

4. Keyboard Cat: Some would argue that Keyboard Cat is THE original cat meme. Whether you agree with that or not, this costume is a solid option. (costume via Random Night Out)

5. Chick With Steve Buscemi Eyes: If you haven’t seen the Tumblr devoted to photoshopping Steve Buscemi’s eyes onto chicks, you need to… now! To turn yourself into a chick with Steve Buscemi eyes, simply download this printable mask and you’re good to go. (costume via Eye Suck Ink)

6. The Oscars Selfie: The selfie to rule all selfies makes for a great topical costume. You should obvs be prepared to take a lot of selfies with everyone that sees you. (costume via @lifeaccordingtokath)

7. Hot Dogs or Legs: Is it hot dogs or legs? (costume via The Chive)

8. Texts from Hillary: Just wow. The execution of this costume is insanely accurate. (costume via Flickr)

9. McKayla Is Not Impressed: Remember this sour-faced gymnast? (costume via Brit + Co)

10. Antoine Dodson / Bed Intruder: Antoine Dodson (aka the dude from the Bed Intruder video) created and marketed a costume that lets you BE Antoine Dodson. How’s that for meta? (costume via Eur ThisNThat)

11. Chemistry Cat: What do you call a dumb chemist? BORON! #lolz (costume via Smosh)

12. Deal With It: Deal with it sunglasses are real, and this costume couldn’t be simpler! (costume via The Awesomer)

13. IKEA Monkey: I mean, this monkey’s got mad style. (costume via Brooke’s Blog)

14. #Bendgate: Bend it like… that gigantic iPhone. (costume via Cult of Mac)

15. Ice Bucket Challenge: It’s pretty awesome when something that’s for a good cause becomes an Internet sensation. Pay homage to the ice bucket challenge by DIYing this costume with tulle, a bucket and aluminum foil ice cubes. Or, you could go the extra mile and dress as your fave celeb doing the challenge. (via Brit + Co)

16. Pharrell in His Hat: Did your brain just explode? When searching for folks who’ve dressed up as Pharrell in his signature hat, we came across Grumpy Cat dressed up as Pharrell. So, we HAD to include! (Grumpy Cat costume via Huh Magazine)

17. Honey Badger: This crass badger doesn’t give a… ;) (costume via Costume Shop)

18. Nyan Cat: Pop Tart + rainbow flag + cat = instant Internet sensation. (costume via Pinterest)

19. 3 Wolf Moon: Add a pop culture twist and add a Bella to this mix! (via Random Night Out)

20. Ermahgerd: And finally, ERMAHGERDDDDDD! (costume via Mutual Weirdness)

Hope you have an awesome Halloweekend!!