Oh, did you think the creepiest toy of the ’90s was going to do die with your extensive pog collection and Lisa Frank school supplies? Sorry, but think again, friends. Furbies aren’t just back — they’re back and smarter than ever.


Business Wire announced today that Hasbro will be releasing a new iteration of the nostalgic toy this fall called Furby Connect. The new and improved version of the Furby will use Bluetooth technology to connect with kids through “entertaining video clips, catchy songs, phrases, global events and more.”

Keeping in that 21st-century spirit, Furby Connects have LCD screen eyes and are able to communicate with over 1,000 phrases. It will also come with an app where you can further care for your Furby and raise virtual “Furblings.” If you’re already panicking about how many times they’re going to wake you up in the middle of the night to gibberish (which is officially called “furbish” in case you were wondering), there’s a key update on that front. Each creature comes with a new sleep mask accessory that you can put on the Furby when it’s time to rest after a long day of play (AKA when you want it to shut up).

The app will be available to play with starting July 7, and the actual Furby is available to pre-order on Amazon now for $100. Welp, if this is the beginning of a Furby robot global takeover, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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(Photo via Amazon)