Apple is known for their unique promo videos, and their latest ad is definitely no different.聽From an artistic perspective, the video is nothing short of stunning. Its bold imagery says a lot about the quality we have come to expect from Apple, and the video is definitely intended to highlight the new Jet Black iPhone 7 color. But aside from being stunning, all the jump cuts and very minimal exposition leaves it feeling鈥 a little eerie.

It uses clips ranging from a spooked deer looking out from the fog to extreme close-ups of the human eye. And聽unless you pause the video and read the fine print about the new iPhone鈥檚 water resistant capabilities and new storage tiers (hooray!), it鈥檚 a little hard to tell what the video is even about.

Plus, as folks at The Vergepoint out, the video bears a striking resemblance to the cursed videotape from The Ring.聽We recommend NOT Googling that tape, unless you聽want to scare yourself in broad daylight on a Wednesday afternoon of course.

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(Featured photo via Apple)