10 Binge-Worthy Movies and Shows for This Weekend
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10 Binge-Worthy Movies and Shows for This Weekend

The weekend is a time to let loose, decompress and binge on TV shows and movies as much as humanly possible. You can check out everything that’s coming to Netflix in April, or allow us to recommend your new addictions. We’ve got enough to keep you entertained from Friday night until the wee hours of Monday morning. TGIF, you guys.


1. The Ranch: After a professional football career failed, Colt — played by Ashton Kutcher — returns to his family home on a ranch in Colorado. The whole thing is classic family sitcom, right down to the cast. (Image via Netflix)

2. Catastrophe: The show takes one of those typical one-night-stand-turned-pregnancy stories and subverts it completely. Catastrophe is also simultaneously an “American in London” story, a dark and witty tale that ends up being heart-warming where you least expect it. It’s one of the most interesting and funny romcoms to come out in recent years, and instantly bingeable. (Image via Channel 4)


3. Family Therapy With Dr. Jenn: Nobody can annoy you like your family can. The new series from VH1 explores the (sometimes frustrating) but powerful bond between family members and the effects of fame on relationships. It’s a must-watch for anybody who treats reality TV like a social experiment. (Image via VH1)

4. Game of Silence: Everything is going well for Jackson Brooks. He’s an attorney, he’s engaged and also working his way up in his career. But (of course) it all starts to dissolve when his childhood friends show up after 25 years. The addictive drama is perfect for those who like to stay on their toes for an entire TV season. (Image via NBC)


5. Away from Her: Be warned: This one’s an intense tearjerker. When a woman develops Alzheimer’s after 44 years of marriage, her husband comes to terms with not only her illness, but their marriage and lives together. It was nominated for two Academy Awards when it came out in 2006. (Image via Lionsgate)

6. Match: Starring Patrick Stewart as an aging Juilliard dance professor, Match examines what it means to be an artist, and what it means to love. But the whole movie is so entertaining and funny, you’ll smile through every thought-provoking scene. (Image via IFC)


7. Hush: When a horror film gets rave reviews at film fest screenings around the country, you fight back the terror of being scared, and stream. Bravely. The flick is about a deaf woman who must fend for herself when a killer shows up at her house. It’s a terrifying movie that somehow simultaneously manages some smart cultural critiques. It starts streaming today on Netflix, which bought streaming rights even before its SXSW premiere. (Image via SXSW)

8. Lucy: Is there anything that ScarJo can’t do? When Lucy came out a few years ago, the concept of using all of a human’s brain cells was written and talked about everywhere. If you missed it then, catch up now by streaming it on HBO. (Image via Columbia Pictures)


9. Sliding Doors: Gwyneth Paltrow in 1998 stars as a woman whose entire life depends on what train she gets home — she just doesn’t know it yet. The film is an intriguing answer to that nagging “What if?” question. (Image via Miramax)

10. Risky Business: Just take those old records off your shelf, put on a dress shirt, take off your pants and send yourself back to 1983 with one of the most iconic movies of all time. (Image via The Geffen Company)

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