Even though spring is here, it still seems like the cold weather isn鈥檛 ready to let up yet. That鈥檚 totally fine by us, because that means聽another week (or month?) of grabbing our boos and BFFs and binge watching some Netflix. This month, more than ever, the streaming co is giving us some damn good reasons to not leave the house. Check out all the exciting new titles you need to add to your queue STAT (and check out what came to Netflix in March)!



SHE鈥橲 BACK!! Yes, we鈥檙e talking about聽The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt聽(4/15) along with her colorful cast of characters, including roommate Titus聽Andromedon and her employer Jacqueline Voorhees. Other originals include Team Foxcatcher聽(4/29), season one of music series聽Lost & Found Music Studios聽(4/1), the anime series聽Ajin聽(4/12) and season three of聽Cuckoo聽(4/15) starring Taylor Lautner.

If you鈥檙e looking for standup though, don鈥檛 miss聽Patton Oswalt: Talking for Clapping聽(4/22). Or if straight comedy is more your style, watch Ricky Gervais in聽Special Correspondents (4/29) or聽Ashton Kutcher鈥檚 new comedy聽The Ranch: Part 1聽(4/1).聽Also for the first time, Netflix is launching a movie + TV series combo for kiddies called聽Kong King of the Apes聽(4/15) where the first episode is a film and the following are regular episodes. New format? We like it! Another one for the youngins is season one of聽Danger Mouse聽(4/29).



There are LOTS of familiar聽favorites headed your way in April that will leave you聽feeling spoiled. First up is the tale of Wesley and Buttercup in聽The Princess Bride聽(4/1), or catch the childhood classic My Girl聽(4/1). If romance is on your mind (because springtime), be sure to watch Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo in Begin Again聽(4/27), Something鈥檚 Gotta Give聽(4/1)聽or The Next Best Thing聽(4/1). In case you鈥檙e in the mood for something darker and more horrifying 鈥 though in different ways, watch聽Boogie Nights聽(4/1) or Stephen King鈥檚聽Cujo聽(4/1).

If you want something a little more thrilling and mysterious, check out Kubrick鈥檚聽2001: A Space Odyssey聽(4/1), A Clockwork Orange聽(4/1),聽Deep Impact聽(4/1),聽Morituri聽(4/1),聽Mystic River聽(4/1),聽The Perfect Storm聽(4/1), Sunset Boulevard聽(4/1) or聽V for Vendetta聽(4/1). For a dose of #girlbosses in film, check out Julia Roberts in聽Erin Brockovich聽(4/1) or a BBC documentary about the history of women titled聽The Ascent of Woman: A 10,000 Year Story聽(4/1). In case you need a laugh, don鈥檛 miss聽Best in Show聽(4/1) or聽Say It Isn鈥檛 So聽(4/1).

For kids (or adults who love nostalgia + light-hearted flicks), watch聽Dolphin Tale聽(4/1),聽Minions聽(4/24) and聽Charlie and the Chocolate Factory聽(4/1).



And the good stuff continues. Check out season two of ABC鈥檚 hit TV show聽How to Get Away With Murder聽(4/16), season two of聽TURN: Washington鈥檚 Spies聽(4/11),聽The Messengers聽(4/17), season five of the hilarious adult cartoon Bob鈥檚 Burgers聽(4/1)聽and season five of聽Lost Girl聽(4/17). There are lots of food聽and home improvement goodies landing in the library this next month, like season five of聽Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown聽(4/1), season one of聽Beat Bobby Flay聽(4/1), season two of Chip and Joanna Gaines鈥 HGTV hit series聽Fixer Upper聽(4/1) and season seven of聽Giada at Home聽(4/1). Also, keep the children occupied with season two of聽Girl Meets World聽(4/10)!

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(Photos via Netflix)