Along with the flurry of new iPads and Frozen dolls the holidays brought, there were inevitably a few engagement rings gifted over this merry season. And if you’ve ever had a holiday in the social media era you know what that means: All your feeds are about to be bombarded by shots of left hands adorned with sparkly rings. If you would rather just scroll right on past those snaps, just take a look at the top engagement rings pinned from wedding blog, Style Me Pretty and chances are your newly engaged friend’s ring is going to look a whole lot like one of these diamond beauties.


1. Bright and Brilliant: Oval in shape, this center stone is a timeless choice you’ll love forever.


2. Hints of Blue: Looks like a whole lot of brides no longer have to search for their “something blue.” Rings with subtle accents of this rich shade took off this year and for good reason. This is a great way to add a little color without quickly turning your ring into a costume piece.


3. Regally Round: Whether it’s worn with smaller diamonds surrounding the stone or on its own, this perfectly round ring is clean, preppy and a definite show stopper.


4. Triple Threat: Representing the past, present, and future, this sentimental setting is beautiful not only for the look but also for the meaning behind it.


5. Rose Gold: While silver and gold have always been the main contenders in the engagement ring game, rose gold is quickly making a name for itself. The pinkish hue is beautifully feminine, but subtle enough to remain a classic.


6. Trinity Luxe: Similar to the triple setting pictured above, this option takes things a step further with not only three diamonds, but also diamonds around the diamonds for an ultra-glamorous feel.


7. Sensationally Solo: So very simple, but forever a classic this stand alone diamond set on a plain band is for all those minimalist lovers out there.


8. All the Diamonds: A single stone gets some glitzy backup from a band with diamonds all around.

So what does this mean for the engagement rings of 2015? While we do love the stand alone stone, it’s looking like halo ring settings are here to stay. The intricate, vintage feel of the small round diamonds, fixed around a main stone is both elegant and timeless – two qualities crucial to a ring that’s meant to last a lifetime. In the year to come we’d love to see a modern spin put on this favored style, perhaps with a unique cut or an alternative stone. Only time will tell.

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