You know that moment in the movies when a woman takes out her hair clip, shakes her head and somehow ends up looking like she just walked out of a Drybar salon? Ya鈥 that doesn鈥檛 really ever happen in real life. Instead, you鈥檇 probably have some weird waves and a giant ponytail crimp. But if you鈥檇 like to continue to be mesmerized by the fantasy, you should probably follow these Instagrammers who are achieving viral fame by showing off a flawless 鈥渂un drop.鈥

Contrary to what the phrase may lead you to believe, this is not 2016鈥檚 take on twerking. Instead, it鈥檚 pretty much exactly what it sounds like: women taking their hair down in the most epic way possible 鈥 usually in slo-mo.

Of the 700+ videos currently found under #bundrop, most videos belong to ladies who have dedicated their accounts to showing off luscious, insanely long locks. Each video is the same: a woman stands with her back to you, holding her hand in a bun. Then she lets go, the bun unravels and she goes for a dramatic shake.

Every video is basically exactly the same but they鈥檙e so weirdly satisfying you鈥檒l probably end up watching twenty in a row.

Anyone else suddenly feel the need to order those hair growth gummy vitamins the Kardashians are always going on about?

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