Think friendship bracelets are a thing of the past? Think again! While we may not have flying cars (yet), we now have a real look into the future: friendship bracelets that actually light up when your BFF is near. Created by tech startup Gemio, this customizable line of bracelets has more features than imaginable. These accessories are an easy way to show your bestie just how much she means to you.


The impressive jewelry collection features different styles to match your personality. You start off by designing your bracelet (or your best friend’s) with gems in different styles and colors. But what we’re really here for are the lights, which you can control through the Gemio Design Studio app.


From different color patterns to cool animations, there are dozens of combinations to express yourself. You can control the light effects from your iPhone, even sending a message to friends or setting the bracelet to light up when they’re nearby. Plus, not only can you create different light effects for different friends, but you can also set it to recognize specific motions, such as high-fiving a friend.

Although Gemio CEO Michael Bettua told Mashable that the bracelets were originally designed for teens, we can’t help but love them too. You can sign up to get priority access to the launch on the Gemio website. Presale is expected to start in late November 2015 with bracelets ranging from $69-99. This might just be the perfect gift for a color and tech-obsessed BFF.

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